Can i keep a chainguard ?


If you do extreme rides (hard enduro ,DH or freeride...) it is probably better to use a chainguard.


  several solutions are available.


-1 / We sell an upper part chainguard which is fixed on the LIFT plate : this is the easiest solution, if you are worried, use this option .


- 2 / You probably have an additional mount : There are many possible mounts other than the ISCG mounting for an anti-derailment: on collar , TYPE E, DIRECT MOUNT, on the bases (cguide) , you can use a different standard of anti derailment that many brands propose : E13, MRP, CGUIDE etc ...


- 3 / narrow/wide face race system: This technology, used on the latest bikes since approximately 2013 means that no anti-derailment system is necessary... Our kits are sold with narrow/wide race face sprockets which significantly reduces derailments, especially if they are coupled with a sadow derailleur (Shimano) or type 2 (sram.).


you can read a very interesting test about narrow/wide here:,19/Race-Face/Narrow-Wide,13126

You can see Under the différents standards avaiable for chainguide (doc MRP)


4/ If you have a front dérailler on your bike :


You can sometime use it like to chaine guide, on this case you can try lock it , and it will be guide the chaine like to chaine guide, same as photo attached.



5/ Chaine guide for internal version:
On the internal version of our kit, the motor main plate guides the chain more naturally, so no need a specific chain guide.
However, it is possible to add a small guide pin on the oblong hole provided for this purpose, as in the photo opposite:

chaine guide e-bike
ebike chaine guide

e-bike kit made in france