Electric mountain bike motor for carbon frame.


There are many questions concerning the constraints on aluminum or carbon frames or even on the transmission with an electric motor for a bicycle.


Our crankset motor kit for bikes is compatible with all market transmissions 8/9/10/11 or 12 speeds and with all types of frames whether carbon, steel, titanium, or aluminum.


Here is some detailed information below that will allow you to understand why it is easy to transform your bike into an electric bike thanks to the motor kit for bike lift mtb.


-1- The constraints of an electric motor on a carbon frame:

augmenter la puissance d'un vtt electrique
 Once the electric bicycle crank motor is placed on your bike, the overweight will be around 3kg.
Let's say you are 3kg more or less, this will not change the reliability of your frame.
The torsional stresses in a raised turn, or on a jump, of a pilot weighing 80 kg launched in descent and who presses with all his forces, will be on a frame clearly greater than the incidence which could have the transmission of the power. of the motor diffused throughout a climb on an electric enduro mountain bike or electric downhill mountain bike.


It doesn't matter whether you use a carbon or an aluminum frame, because contrary to popular belief, carbon frames are generally stronger than aluminum frames, moreover we sell as many kits for customers with frames. carbon than aluminum frames, look at our photo gallery to be convinced.






You can watch the video in the link below where Santa Cruz carbon frames are tested against aluminum frames.


-2- Regarding the constraints on the frame and transmission :

couple réel vtt electrique
Simulation par ordinateur de l'incidence du couple sur la torsion du support.
We have done a lot of stress related tests on the frame, the engine mount and drawn a lot of test parts and done a lot of simulations, it turns out the stresses are quite low in reality (at least much lower than the idea we might have).
Indeed, the peak power developed by the removable motor for an electric bicycle will be significantly less than the force developed by a cyclist at 100% of his power.
A rider who takes a few pedal strokes in a sprint will pull hard on the handlebars and fully depress the pedals will put enormous stress on the frame in torsion, and in traction on the drivetrain.
lift mtb e-bike kit
On the other hand, the electric mountain bike motor like ours, diffuses the power at a regular rate, it transmits a power much lower than the maximum power of the cyclist, but will transmit this trickle of power in a constant manner, limited only by the autonomy of the bike. Li-ion battery, therefore the torque applied to all transmission components.
The crank motor therefore makes it possible to have an average power transmitted to the high crankset, which greatly improves the performance of the cyclist over the entire effort, without however the maximum power peaks received by the frame and the transmission. are therefore higher than when the cyclist accelerates fully in a sprint.
And since 95% of users use the electric mountain bike lift-mtb motor to climb at a good pace, and do not spend their time doing sprints, adding their maximum power to that of the engine, the wear rate becomes equivalent to wear. normal for a user who is in better physical shape than you, and who is simply able to keep up a brisk pace longer than you.


chaine e-bike

 Certainly some parts of the transmission will have more constraints, because you will logically drive more and further and longer:






But as seen above this remains in the standard, and will correspond to the wear rate of the transmission provided by the manufacturers, so from our point of view there is not necessarily need for a reinforced chain type VAE, it is necessary preferably not to use very high-end chains sometimes openwork (as in the photo opposite).






A more basic and slightly heavier chain is generally more resistant and sufficient on an electric bike


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