Electric bike battery


Like a car tank which contains a volume of fuel expressed in liters.

A battery contains a quantity of energy expressed in Amps / hours or Watts / hours.


So like a larger or smaller car tank, the more a battery will have a significant capacity (in Amperes / hours or in Watts / hours) the more energy it can store, in order to make longer trips.


The engine power will remain the same regardless of the battery capacity chosen.


Our prices include:


-The charger.

-The connection cable of 1.40 meters with Anderson connector.

-The fireproof transport and load bag.

battery canada


For our North American sales, we have a Canadian Stock for batteries, with specific 110v US plug the charger.


So, we do UPS express air flight shipping for all states in USA and Canada.



Battery 8.7ah

400 euro(shipping Europe)

330 euros (Shipping outside Europe)

electric mtb battery 11.6ah

475 euro(shipping Europe)

400 euros (Shipping outside Europe)

14.5ah electric mountain bike battery

575 euros (shipping Europe)

479 euro(Shipping outside Europe)

batterie vtt électrique 14ah light

575 euros (shipping Europe)

479 euro(Shipping outside Europe)

batterie vtt électrique 17.5ah

675 euros (Shipping Europe)

560 euro(Shipping outside Europe)

set de 2 batterie vtt électrique 8.7ah

750 euros (shipping Europe)

625 euros (Shipping outside Europe)

The choice of battery is a question that comes up often.

Use the table below and read our full article by clicking on the link below.

Estimated table LIFT-MTB consumption

The consumption table has been produced in the most objective and honest way possible, so that customers are satisfied with their purchases.


We therefore suggest choosing the battery that seems best suited to your practice.


battery holder for electric bike
Compatible with 8.7 / 11.6/ 14 Ah batteries


 -Battery option -


-1- Classic vae type rigid shell:

+ 59 euro (49euro outside  Europe)


-2- Aluminum support for compact batteries 8.7Ah / 11.6 Ah / 14 Ah SQUARE 

+ 59euro (49euro outside  Europe)


(info at the bottom of the page)



Below are the backpack type batteries:


-We use Panasonic or LG cells.

Below, the classic e-bike hard shell batteries:


-Fixing: on the bike's bottle-holder mounting studs depending on the space available on the frame, Check the free space in the frame with compressed suspension, to be sure that this battery fits on your bike.

-Dimension: height 10cm / width 9cm / length 36cm (allow a margin of 3cm more in height and length)

-Weight: + 500 grams compared to the battery bag

- Option price: + 59euro (contact us for availability)

Download the pastic bottle battery compatibility chart.
Below find a model to download and print to check the compatibility of your frame with the plastic rigid electric bike battery.
Patron compatibilité batterie rigide vtt
Document Adobe Acrobat 731.7 KB


Below, Aluminum battery bottle cage type + protection cover.


-Fixation: Allows you to fix on your frame using the 2 bottle holder screws, a compact battery for backpack of 8.7 Ah, 11.5 Ah and 14 Ah SQUARE.

-Dimension: width 90mm x height 85mm x length 240mm / Interior foam padding. / weight 250gr

-Functionality: The battery and the support can be easily removed, so it is possible to mix between battery on a frame or in a backpack, all with a battery that is more compact and lighter than the conventional VAE shell batteries.

-Compatibility: Check the free space in the frame with compressed suspension, to be sure that this battery holder does not touch.

Only works with LIFT-MTB electric bike batteries or smaller than or identical to 8cmx8cmx20cm.


- Option price: 59 EURO (for Europe)  / 49 Euro (Outside Europe)


Below is the article sheet to order the support:

Below is our full article on the ideal location of the battery for your electric mountain bike kit.

The LIFT-MTB charger is specific.

It comes with our batteries, but this charger is also available separately.

LIFT-MTB charger


LIFT-MTB single charger compatible with our batteries.

(the charger comes with our batteries if you buy a battery)


-Charging current 2 amps.

-Allows a charging time of 30 minutes per A / h.


Price outside Europe // 25 €

30,00 €

  • disponible / available / a disposizione
  • livraison 1 à 3 jours / 1 to 3 days for delivery / retraso de 2 a 3 días / consegna da 1 a 3 giorni1

* Prices given as an indication. They are subject to change according to various parameters (dollar rate, variation in raw material costs or supplier prices).

e-bike kit made in france