Screen control  for electric bike


The control screen is an option that is not essential to the operation of the kit, but it nevertheless provides accurate and very useful data to optimize the use of your KIT.

Technical explanation:

"Why you should use short reports on a mtb crankset motor" and interest in the use of the control screen:

 In this the control screen that one could compare to a turn account on a car engine, really helps to optimize consumption, and use the kit in perfect conditions.


Because you can continuously control the intensity you give to the engine whene you looking the data on the display.



When an electric motor operates, the + and - phases alternate between the stator and the rotor.


Faster the engine turns, faster these phases alternate.


If one sends a high intensity (so that the user is full gaz), but the motor speed of rotation is slow .

The + / - phases alternate less, and the time or the phases + of the stator and + of the rotor are opposite are longer.


As the intensity is high, the motor transforms the energy of the battery into heat, so the energy of the battery is dispersed in heat and not in mechanical energy for move your bike.


If you have a low intensity (so if the rider does not accelerate to much), when the engine is running slowly, this is not a problem because the intensity is low the engine will not over heat.


Whether you are very heavy or lightweight has no impact on the durability of the engine, as long as you use it in good power ranges.



Consomption  AH


De 0 a 8Ah

  Grenn Zone / low consomption

De 8 à 14 Ah  

  blue Zone /middle consomption

De 14 a 18Ah

  orange zone / high consomption

De 18 a 23Ah

  Red zone / very high consomption


For optimize the consumption you must use big cogs on rear casette !
For optimize the consumption you must use big cogs on rear casette !

Optimize the consumption :


For optimize the consumption and for to be sure to use the motor on the good gearing ratio, the best way is to use most bigest cogs as you can on the rear cassette.

Screen control manual at end of the document.
LIFT MTB user manual ENGLISH 2021.pdf
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