Mid drive electric motor installation

Mid drive motor instalation.

do mountain bike, in to electric mountain bike
transformation of a mountain bike, in to electric mountain bike

As the saying goes:   


"If you give a fish to a man he will eat one day, if you teach him how to fish, he will always eat"   


In this context we find it preferable that customers can do himself  the transformation of a mountain bike, in to electric mountain bike with our LIFT MTB bolt on electric engine kit.  


Although it may seem new, and if you have only simple notions of mechanics, the assembly of the kit is very easy, and you will learn easily.  


The instructions for use of the LIFT MTB electric kit are downloadable below, you will be 100% autonomous on the assembly and disassembly, rather than being dependent on a third person.  

If you need informations, after the purchase we can help you by e-mail or phone.

LIFT MTB assembly video.

If you have good mechanics and specific tools to disassemble the crankset, count easily 90 minutes, for a first assembly. (A user manual comes with the kit you can download it below too.)

Once experienced, about 10 minutes will be enough to put on or take off the system.

If you need information, we are at your disposal to advise you on editing.

-Time of the first assembly for an experienced user in mechanics between 45min and 1h30
-Time of the first assembly for an average user between 1h30 and 2h
-Time of the first assembly for novice user between 2h and 2h30

Complet user manual loading !


Click below for load the user manual.
User manual for the kit, screen control & PAS.
LIFT MTB user manual ENGLISH 2021.pdf
Document Adobe Acrobat 2.4 MB


Click below for load the user manual.
User manual for the kit, screen control & PAS.
LIFT MTB Manuel d'utilisateur ANGLAIS 20
Document Adobe Acrobat 2.4 MB

transformer son vélo en vélo electrique.

Video for assembly the LIFT-MTB mid drive motor .

Vidéo for assembly the LIFT MTB kit

on bb92 press fit frame.

Video pesentation of the system

Vidéo for assembly adaptator

on frame BSA without ISCG tab's.

How work mid drive motor ?

change own bike into e-bike
change own bike into e-bike

Simple in appearance the LIFT-MTB kit that consists of more than 75 references.

 As each cut or aerospace CNC machining part, diameter and screw length, thickness and quality of metal, heat treatment has been optimized for a weight / optimal strength.


You just unpack your kit, quickly see the role and operation of key pieces and kit itself.


-1- On the handlebars Place the ON / OFF switch and throttle control.
It can be up to either the right or left according to your preferences, most of the time, we go up to the left to operate it with the left index is generally more ergonomic.
Mounted on the right the rear shifter can be in the way.

-2- Disassemble the crank.

-3- Screw the motor mount LIFT
You just screw it on your frame with the ISCG plot (plots has provided the basis for receiving an chain guide), the upper part and with an adjustable rubber pad that come to bear against the frame for optimal rigidity.

No modification or drilling is required, a cable tie can then be used to make sure the motor will never move.

In testing it did not move once and was tested in all conditions.
(See our video here)

-4- Connect the throttle and the contactor through the waterproof sheet.
Your kit is ready for use ...

-5- Connect to Power
The 2.4kg battery will take place in your backpack with a cable with quick connector of about 1.30 meters, it is connected to another which is usually placed near the head tube connector.

This connector is provided so it is easily removed 

(You can disconnect the cable and store it if you decide to make a long descent down without using the engine).
The connection is Expected to withstand approximately 10,000 connections / disconnections.

 -6- Turn on the system.
Just push to the ON / OFF button on the handlebars it is very easy.
Once the system is switched ON, a light illuminates to indicate that the system is right.

-7- Start to ride

 if you move the throttle, the informations are sent to the controller (in the little box above the engine), is sealed with a special resin for water resist.

This controller manages various informations such as:
The amount of current sent to the motor, the management of the remaining battery, any management power (bms) on minimum voltage, etc ...

Note: controller can be positioned in various ways depending on the context of frame architecture ...
-8- The engine got the infos from the controller.
This engine with a power of 450w brushed technology, and above all simple and reliable.
It was developed specifically for have high torque at a very low speed, the crank speed must be defined very precisely, a conventional engine generally rotates 10 to 15 times too fast.
 So we get a couple and an optimal consumption at a given speed cadence of 80 to 100 RPM (more info here).

-9- The engine transmit the power to the cog :
This cog have a free wheel machined specifically on the motor, it's necessary for having no load resistances with the electric motor when you pedaling.
 Note: that it is not possible to charge the system with pedaling power, the resistance forces induced are too strong ...

-10- The engine output cog and drives the crank by a chain.
It is also specific crank, it have also a free Wheel , for avoid to turn the arms if the engine running and the rider don't pedal.

Equipped with a heat treated ISIS axis machined and specifically has a constant diameter of 24mm (22mm/24mm for sram or 30mm axle for rotor and new race face ), this crank is designed to mount quickly at the same place as your original crank, without replace the bottom bracket.

-11- When your battery gets weak.
Your engine does not lose power, but the charge indicator indicates that the battery is low.( 3 level: green / orange/ red)

If it's the red light, you still have between 5 and 15 km range (depending on use), after that the controller (BMS) cut off the system.

-12- It remains to recharge the battery.
Nothing more simple, like a cell phone connect the charging plug to the battery.
A red light indicates that it should be charged, a green LED will indicate the end of charge (if the battery is completely discharged, allow about 4hr for a full charge). 

Electric bicycle kit

lift mtb beter than bafang on dh bike !
lift mtb beter than bafang on dh bike !

e-bike kit made in france