Light for e-bike

This lamp powered by the battery of the kit will allow you to ride at night and see as in the daytime and allows you to ride your ATV during the months when the sun sets early, also very pleasant in summer when it is too hot to ride during the day. 

lamp powered by the LIFT MTB battery

6000 lumens lamp with specific power supply system for direct connection to the LIFT MTB kit battery.

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We measure the lighting value of a lamp in lumens, our lamp has two bulbs (for more security) of white LED type which allows to light at about 6000 lumens in maximum power with a range of 200 meters.




As a comparison, a car in full headlight makes 1200 lumens and an ordinary flashlight equipped with a flat battery of 4.5V and a bulb "spearhead" of 0.2A will give about 5 to 8 lumens.



The lamp offers 3 power levels that can be selected by simply pressing the button on the back.


Mode 1: 2000 lumens / consumption 0.10Ah

Mode 2: 4000 lumens / consumption 0.20Ah

Mode 3: 6000 lumens / consumption 0.30Ah


You can see at the back of the lamp, the level of the battery displayed with 3 small indicators


3 green round battery full 

2 green round battery 2 / 3

1 green circle remains 1/3


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Fixe it:

The attachment is made with small thick rubber bands specially designed to last over time, there are two to fit oversize handlebars 31.8 or 35mm and a second for the classic size 22.2 and 25.4.


You can fix the lamp for electric bike in 1 minute maximum and without any tools, once in place thanks to the small rubber buffer the lamp does not move in use but can be adjusted anyway.


Note that it is possible by adapting the lamp on the visor of a helmet (some prefer ...).


With some platic collar and a with of patience in 5 has 10 minute the 1st time one installs the lamp on the helmet visor.


There is also a thread under the body of the lamp that can remove the round support of handlebar fixation and have a flat surface with a thread to fix the lamp firmly on the support of your choice (many of us have an old helmet at home that could be dedicated to that...).


the light weight of the lamp (90 grams) makes it absolutely not feel on the handlebars or on the helmet 


The body is made of aluminum with fins to ensure a good cooling the dimensions of the lamp are 60 milimeters wide 40mm high and 48mm deep as a comparison it is the size of a small pack of matches ...


Even if it is not recommended to overexpose the electric bike light to water, it is waterproof to the few drops that could reach it during a ride and obviously to dust...


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powered frome battery kit

pluged on battery of  LIFT-MTB kit
pluged on battery of LIFT-MTB kit

The lamp is powered directly by the battery of the LIFT MTB pedal motor kit, the consumption is about 0.30 Amper per hour at full power by mixing the modes we can easily divide by two the consumption which allows to have a consumption of about 1 Amper per hour, because in practice we play on the 3 modes very easily and often to reduce the consumption


Mode 1: 600 lumens / consumption 0.10Ah

Mode 2: 3000 lumens / consumption 0.20Ah

Mode 3: 6000 lumens / consumption 0.30Ah


Cable between battery and adapter about 40cm to make a connection to the handlebars or helmet.

e-bike kit made in france