Mid drive motor is That noisy ?

We can propose two models : 


-The model V1- (old version we have stoped this model)
Which has internal gear teeth is straight which makes it a bit more noisy about 70Db.

- The Model V2 / V3 -
More powerful it also has helical teeth which makes it quieter around 60dB.


It is  difficult to give an opinion on a sonor volume, it very personal as standpoint to say if it's noisy or not, we each have our tolerance and our sensibility about noise !

The sound environment around us will determine our  noise feeling.

For example, the sound environment on road use is less noisy than a offroad use to the extent that there is very little noise associated with the operation of a bicycle (noise derailleur, chain who slack on the frame, various vibrations, tires skid, etc.).


On the road, the user will therefore focus more on noise.

The volume also varies depending on the use that we have the kit.
For example, if you used it the urban city or on roads for long periods and at maximum power, generate more noise than during a offroad use.
Off road use field kit is less noisy because:
- There is more noise in the middle any ground to the road.

- The user is not at all the time at max power: it speeds by at once according to technical terrain.

The sound is less "monotonous" and not always at it's peak.

- The user is much more concentrated on driving.

It therefore has less time to focus on noise, compared to a use of a long dirt road.

In short, the noise is annoying depending on conditions of use !
This is a bit like riding with an old 4x4 on the highway or in the nature.
The annoying noise is not at all the same ...


test on the V1 motor
test on the V1 motor

To give some numbers to quantify this, according to measurements made with a sound level meter.

The volume of LIFT-MTB V1 (old version we have stoped this model) is about 70 db engine bottom has less to 0.5 meters of bike (like to the photo) and about 62 db stabilized engine has thoroughly 1.5 meters) 


For  the V2 / V3 60db has less to 0.5 meters of bike (like to the photo) and about  55 db stabilized engine has thoroughly 1.5 meters)
A comparison informative and a Bafang BBS is to provide 55 decibels.

Obviously if you don't accelarate at the maximum the volume also decreases a lot.
Even if the accuracy is relative, sound level meters are downloadable by your smartphone, that allow you given an idea of the volume for 60/70 decibels (a informative sound level of a person speaking is about 60 decibels)

We compare several applications: (for results see photos attached)
-sound meter from abc apps (which is the easiest to use)
-sono meter from smart Tools co. (asser good)
-sound meter pro from mobile essentials (which is not ergonomically).

The measures with the applications are closed to the measures with the "official" level meter, and will be mostly sufficient to give you an idea.

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