Batteries rigid bottle for electric bike

Battery for pedal motor kit / BAFANG, BOSCH, CYC
Interior view of an electric bicycle hard shell battery

 Below are the rigid shell electric bike batteries:

  • Hard shell batteries for converting from conventional to electric bikes are assembled directly in this format, so it is not possible to convert your PVC battery to a hard shell battery. 
  • Has a charging socket with a protective cap.
  • Anti-theft locking system that allows the battery to be locked to the frame, with a set of 2 keys.
  • Anderson type motor power connector.   


Battery with frame-mounted hard shell


  • It is fixed on the bike's water bottle holder according to the space available on the frame, it is not compatible on all frames, think of checking the dimensions.
  • Lithium-ion battery assembled in France with cells from Panasonic or LG.
  • Supplied with charger.
  • Choice of capacity:

( 11,5 Ah- 400 Wh/ 14 Ah- 500 Wh & 17 Ah- 600 Wh ).


Prices for rigid batteries for electric bikes, delivered outside Europe without VAT, below: 

Rigid battery 11.5 Ah / 400 Wh // 450 €

Rigid battery 14 Ah / 500 Wh // 530 €

Rigid battery 17 Ah / 600 Wh // 610 €


530,00 €

  • 2,6 kg
  • disponible / available / a disposizione
  • livraison 1 à 3 jours / 1 to 3 days for delivery / retraso de 2 a 3 días / consegna da 1 a 3 giorni1



Dimension: Height 10 cm / Width 9 cm / Length 36 cm

Weight: 500 grams more than a PVC battery.


If your frame is not compatible with the hard shell battery, we offer a more compact battery holder for square sized electric bicycle batteries. 

See the article on this subject. 

Compatibility model of the battery frame bottle.
Below you will find a template to download and print to check the compatibility of your frame with the rigid electric bicycle battery.
Patron compatibilité batterie rigide vtt
Document Adobe Acrobat 731.7 KB

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