Set of two batteries 8.7Ah / 300 Wh



The pack of two batteries 8,7Ah / 300 Wh for electric mountain bike kit is a set of two separate battery pack compact and light (1.6kg for battery or 3.2kg for both).


Use for backpack, but also compatible on the frame with the aluminum battery holder option.


Overall capacity is identical to a 17 Ah 600 Wh battery, this pack allows you to:

-Take only one battery for a small outing in order to be as light as possible.

-To have two batteries for a large output in order to have a maximum autonomy.

-To change the battery during the trip, to have a contained weight, and a long autonomy.


It is a large capacity model to divide in two which will accompany you on average for outings of 1740 meters of elevation gain and about 62km for the pack of two, or about 31km and 870m per battery (see table).


This set of two additional 8.7Ah battery

offers a perfect mix between versatility of use and large capacity.

Set of two batteries 36 V 8,7 Ah / 300 Wh

 Characteristics :


Dimensions: 6cm x 20cm x 8cm (by battery)

Weight: 3.2 kg (for both batteries)

Panasonic or LG 36 V Li-ion cells

Sold with fireproof bag + extension cable (1.40 m) + charger

All our batteries are assembled in France.

(Sold with only 1 charger)

750,00 €

  • 3,2 kg
  • disponible / available / a disposizione
  • livraison 1 à 3 jours / 1 to 3 days for delivery / retraso de 2 a 3 días / consegna da 1 a 3 giorni1

Consumption Ebike battery

3 liter bag, with small battery 8.7 Ah.

6 liter bag, with small battery 8.7 Ah.

10 liter bag, with small battery 8.7 Ah.

12 liter bag, with small battery 8.7 Ah.

16 liter bag, with small battery 8.7 Ah.

small battery 8.7 Ah. MTB

The 36 volt Li-ion batteries that we offer are all compatible with the LIFT-MTB kit.

Just set the capacity you need based on the types of common rides you do.


Main specifications:

- Voltage: 36 Volt / Li-ion

- Available capacities: 8,7 Ah (300Wh) / 11,5 Ah (400Wh) / 14 Ah (500 Wh) available in flat and square format or 17 Ah (600 Wh).

- Dimensions / Weight: From 1.6 kg to 2,7 kg. See table

- Charger (included in the price): Charging intensity 2 Ampere, 220 Volts power supply, euro plug.

- Lifespan: 800 cycles (16,000 km to 55,000 km depending on capacity)

- Estimated minimum autonomy: from 20 to 70km and 500 to 1750 of D + (See table.)

- The Batteries are not waterproof!

-Flame retardant carrying bag to protect the battery and secure the load.

- Other: Sold with the 1.35 meter power cable to connect to the motor. (included in the price)


All our batteries are systematically checked on a test bench.

If a battery is not available, the manufacturing time is about 1 week, for more info contact us.


- Technology:

High discharge capacity with LG or PANASONIC brand cells, fitted with a BMS (Battery Management System) which regulates discharge and charge in order to preserve its lifespan.

-Minimum voltage accepted by the BMS: 27.5 V / Maximum voltage accepted by the BMS: 42 v

- Ideal temperature for charging: 0 ° C to 42 ° C / Ideal temperature for discharge: - 5 ° C to 42 ° C / Ideal temperature for storage: 10 ° C to 30 ° C

- Acceptable continuous discharge intensity: 30 Amps / Acceptable peak discharge intensity: 60 Amps

e-bike kit made in france