Why do we use the throttle ?

The crankset sensors (PAS)  for the power gestion are imposed by a europeen rules to homologate electric bicycles, it is therefore in the collective unconscious that it was necessarily the best solution, being given that the other manufacturers use it by obligation.


But it is not because politically they impose a technological choice that is the best solution...


So after numerous tests we chose to favor the manual accelerator, as the same as all other off-road sports (motorcycle, quad ect ...) because it is logic and simply the more effective for mountain bike use.


 Compared with a pedal sensor, a throttle is a better and easier way of controlling your assistance when the track is hard.


The big advantage is that, unlike a pedal sensor, where you are forced to pedal to be assisted, use of the throttle makes it possible to elicit assistance only when needed. 


So when you ride downhill or on the flat, you are not required to trigger the assistance. Hence a net gain in autonomy.


It uses a lot of energy but is very effective in technical passages. It helps you to better anticipate a steep hill, you can gain momentum beforehand. 


Your speed is not limited, it is all the more effective ...


You can walk with your bike and accélérâtes realy slowly to don' have to push your bike.


We try different accelerator release: grip thumb (difficult to manage) and can pause interaction problems with the shifter , the trigger has left index or  finger or thumb ( photos below) remains in our opinion the most practical and ergonomic and efficient ...

So the throttle is the best choice for hard mountain riders..


Our accelerator-integrated battery charge indicator is more ergonomic and tougher than some screens .

Position :


The thumb throttle is reversible you can use it at the left index or left  thumb, so it is easy to try the best solution for you.


1/ position for left thumb

2/ position for left index

You can see Under the removable interface for the index. (inclued in all kit)

ebike throttel




Watch our video about the throttle operation :


e-bike throttel
e-bike throttel


P.A.S for lift mtb v3 kit



If you need absolutly a pedal assist type pedelec or P.A.S, pedal sensor, it is possible to add it in option, clic on the link below for more infos.

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