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E-bike kit warranty

kit lift mtb
kit lift mtb

The kits are guaranteed for 2 years against any default or manufacturing defect.


And of course not the abuse like : crash, improper use, normal wear, non conforme or abuse of use.


Unlike the other major brands that lock their products with only original parts, via authorized dealer shops, we have created an "open source" electric mtb kit.


You can therefore replace many original parts, by adaptable parts from of the conventional bike (chains, roller wheels, sprocket , cranks etc ...), or electric bikes part's (controller, accelerator ...), or classic industrial part's (screws, connectors, cable ...).


So even if the original LIFT-MTB parts will be easily compatible with a specification that sometime higher quality than adaptable parts, the goal is so you can always easy repaire  your LIFT-MTB motor kit wherever you are in the world and at low cost.


if necessary, we have done this so that you can always ride or troubleshoot quickly whether you are in France or on the other side of the world.


We usually have all the spare or wear parts in stock.


For each piece we have at least two supply sources (supplier or manufacturer subcontractor) to avoid stockouts at a supplier who would block a production or repair.


Also keep in mind that unlike a conventional electric bike or other system, if you break a part on a LIFT-MTB engine by falling for example, in 10 minutes you will find your bike so your bike will not be immobilized .

Easy service on the mid drive kit.


With the LIFT-MTB KIT for the transmission part, as same as a conventional bike, clean and grease the chain regularly and check the different tightenings a little more regularly on the transmission and the crank.


Regarding the electrical system:

No specific maintenance is necessary.

The electrical system is simply composed of 3 components all connected by sealed connectors.


-1- the electric motor.

-2-the controller (which manages the power)

-3-the throttel.


Like to all e-bikes on the marquet (Yamaha / Bosch / brose… ) just avoid too much water like to immersion.

And try to use adapted gears than situation on your bike, for exemple on the steep up hill, you must use big cogs on the rear cassette of the bike, for avoid to force the engin to much and over heat.


About the battery:

the ideal is to store it indoors, at a temperature between 8 ° C and 30 ° C.Remember to always store your charged battery between 30% and 60%.


All tips for use and storage are provided with your kit or downloadable from our site.


Be careful the batteries are off course not waterproof.


Concerning the other parts of the mid drive kit:

Unlike some major brands that lock access to the mechanical part, we want push the users to be Independent and can easily repair and maintain their electric bike kit, so most of the parts we use are parts of large series so that you can carry out routine maintenance yourself at a lower cost.

Electric kit service procédure :

Like any machine, your bicycle electric motor kit may need to be serviced after a certain period of use.


Assuming that usually an average user does:


- 2 outings per week of about 25 kilometers, so it counts that it rolls 50 weeks per year.


That's around 2500km per year.


We therefore advise you to lubricate and check the condition of the gearbox bearings of your mtb electric motor kit every year or every 2500 km.


Note that the use larger cogs on the rear cassette, reduces the stress on these mechanical parts and increases the life of these wear parts.


A repair kit exists it is composed of two bearings:

x1 bearing ref 6902-2 RS, and x1 bearing ref 608-2 RS

The procedure is very simple it takes about ten minutes and there are only 4 screws to remove to remove the reducer (see explanatory photo below)


The freewheel bearing of the 8-tooth sprocket can also be replaced, the reference is HFL1426 INA, this bearing is returned in force in the sprocket it will require a hydraulic press a vice and sockets to extract it.

Service part's lift-mtb
Service part's lift-mtb
Electric kit lift mtb
Electric kit lift mtb

What is the life time of the kit ?

For the engine:

Of course as with a car engine, the use you have of the engine can vary the life of the latter.


That's why it is important to use the engine in good rpm range, the more you will use a short ratio (big sprockets on the rear case), the less the engine will force and heat.


The life of an engine itself, in optimal conditions is about 20 000 km.


If you consider 50% climbs / 50% descents, the duration will be about 40 000 km, which will allow you to see come in case of failure or problem.


All the engine parts this detail but you can replace the complete engine for about 150 €.


The LIFT MTB system is designed in a simple way to be maintained and repaired by the user himself, we advise a maintenance of the system of reducer round the 2500 km. (as seen above)

For the battery:


The life of a battery is estimated in number of cycles (charges / discharges).


The batteries we sell are designed for 800 cycles.


We will do about 16,000 to 55,000 km depending on capacity.


The battery may well hold beyond but will certainly lose some autonomy.


We work with Panasonic or LG cells that guarantee good reliability over time.


Warning there is a lot of fake panasonic or LG cell on the market or batteries with computer cell, we only use cell for E-BIKE application.


For the batteries of other parameters take into account, in particular the quality of assembly because the battery is composed of different cells which must be balanced at the level of the tension between them, that it is in charge in discharge.


At rest, they must also have the same internal resistance. 


A good supplier will offer well balanced packs at the base, which will ensure a good longevity.


We work with a major compagny  on e-bike market, the batteries are systematically test before shipment.

The batteries are delivered with a charge and discharge control system (called BMS).


If you go down too low in discharge or overload a battery, you will have irreparable damage.

warning some low cost batteries Don't have BMS or have low cost BMS that's not good for durability of batteries.


The BMS therefore controls overload and underloading of the system and each cell.


Our system offers dual protection in discharging the BMS on the battery, and a second system for overvoltage management and overall voltage on the controller of the LIFT-MTB system.


The charger will regulate the charge, like that of your phone or laptop that use the same technology.


The storage mode of your battery, ambient humidity, storage temperature too low or too high are all factors that affect the life of the battery.


Finally, we work in a tight light on these products, so the batteries we sell have generally been manufactured a short time ago and we check the conformity of the product at each stage.


Our batteries also come with a ignifuged protective bag.

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