Bolt on motor LIFT MTB weight.

My bike is not going to be too heavy?


Here is a frequently asked question ...

Count about 3.0 kg to 3.4 kg of overweight compared to your current bike (depending on the crank ...)

The extra weight will depend on the original crankset, if your bike has a carbon crank already very light weight logically the gain of weight will be less blatant than on a pedal triple tray or we will also remove the front derailleur, control, cabling etc. ..

ATTENTION: it must be borne in mind that a heavy bike is especially penalizing uphill. With the extra power that the engine will provide you, you will mostly feel winging!

The system is designed to be fun to ride as if you had no engine. As is often explained, the masses are very well distributed, so one does not really feel the weight in action, there is also no resistance to pedaling when the engine does not work.

The weight even becomes an ally in downhill on some points, because the bike is much better plated on braking, you will see it is amazing!



Funny info: Some customers voluntarily weighted their 3 kg bicycle at the bottom tube (close to the pedalboard) to realize the sensations that this can generate on descent before buying the system!

To find out, check out our comparative Strava downhill .

As the web magazine pink bike in his article on the bike check of the pro bike in the downhill world cup, some pilots will even strike their frame to have the quality evoked higher.

electric kit lift-mtb
electric kit lift-mtb

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