Become Customer ambassador LIFT MTB.

As part of our development, we are looking for clientssatisfied with our products, experienced in assembly and use.


If you are already a customer, and satisfied with LIFT MTB products and services.


We propose to Become a LIFT MTB Ambassador Client. How it works ?


-1- A customer near you wants to try a LIFT MTB kit.

With your agreement we give him your contact details, so that you can share your experience with him.


-2- For each order validated through you, we offer you a voucher or a gift of 4% of the amount of the order as a voucher on our site, or a gift to choose from a partner site.


Contact us for more information.







- contact lift mtb france Shop and ambassador with test bike for LIFT MTB electric kit.

ambassadeur LIFT MTB

e-bike kit made in france