E-bike control screen


The control screen is an option which is not essential for the functioning of the kit, it nevertheless allows to have precise and very useful data to optimize the use of your KIT.

Screen control


-Allows to have additional data, which is ideal for those who want precision on certain elements like:


  • energy consumed: 0 to 6554 W / h (accuracy to 0.1 W / h)
  • instantaneous discharge current: 0 to 130 A (accuracy to 0.01 A)
  • instantaneous power: 0 to 6554 W (accuracy to 0.1 W)
  • the consumed capacity: 0 to 65 A / h (accuracy at 0.001 A / h)
  • battery voltage: 4.8 V to 60 V DC (accuracy to 0.01 V)


This tool allows you to know precisely what you are consuming in real time, the remaining battery, the average consumption on a climb or on an outing, etc ...


For example, if your battery has a capacity of 10 A / h and your wattmeter screen indicates that you have consumed 2.8 A / h, you can deduce that you still have 7.2 A / h, so that you have 72% energy left.


The pack includes:

  • the console, the black anodized aluminum bracket, and the Anderson connectors.
  • The console is mounted in series on the power supply circuit so it can be quickly assembled and dismantled without modifications.
  • non-waterproof product!
  • delivered complete with connectors, ready to be fitted with our system

59,00 €

  • 0,25 kg
  • 5 à 8 jours de délai de livraison / 5 to 8 days for delivery / retraso de 5 a 8 días / consegna da 5 a 8 giorni1

Price for Europe : 59euro

Price outside Europe : 49euro 

e-bike screen


In this the control screen that we could compare to a tachometer on a car engine, really helps to optimize consumption, and to use the kit in perfect conditions.


You can constantly monitor the current you send to the motor in a very simple way by looking at the data on the display.


When an electric motor is running, the + and - phases alternate between the stator and the rotor.


The faster the engine runs, the faster these phases alternate, so the less the engine heats up and the better the performance.


- Typical case of overconsumption of electric mountain bike kit -

-1-If the user accelerates at full speed, and the engine (and crankset) rotational speed is slow, (gear too big on the bike, therefore too small a pinion on the rear k7).


The + / - phases alternate less quickly, so the time when the + phases of the stator and + of the rotor are opposite are longer, and as the intensity is high, the motor transforms the energy of the battery into heat .


the energy of the battery is then dispersed in heat and not in mechanical energy, so we consume more.


-Case type of good consumption electric mountain bike kit-

-1- If the user accelerates fully, but the engine (and the crankset) turns quickly, (short gear on the bike, so big cog on the rear k7).


The + / - phases alternate quickly, so the time when the + phases of the stator and + of the rotor are opposite are short, the intensity low therefore the motor transforms the energy of the battery into mechanical energy without heating, we therefore consumes very little.


-2- The user accelerates little, when the motor (or crankset) turns slowly, this is not a problem since the intensity sent to the motor is low, the motor transforms the energies into mechanical energy with very little heating, the motor has maximum efficiency.


In short, whether you are very heavy or light does not affect the durability of the electric bicycle motor, as long as you use the right power ranges and the right gear for the situation.


To understand the operation, the engine is not restricted which allows to reach the red zone in a few seconds and to have a lot of power if necessary, a bit like on a car we go in the red zone on the account turn for a few seconds on sports use, but we do not stay in this red zone over a long period to avoid heating and breakage, the reasoning is identical for the electric mountain bike motor and the control screen to therefore optimize this in an encrypted manner.


We generally advise if you are hesitating between two battery sizes to choose the smaller one,

but to use the screen to best optimize your consumption.

carte utilisateur de l'écran du vélo électrique

- The more you use short gears (large rear cassette sprockets) as shown in the illustration, the less energy you will consume.


Consommation en AH


Of 0 to 8Ah

Green zone / Low consumption

Of 8 to 14 Ah

Blue zone / Average consumption

Of 14 to 18 Ah        

Orange zone / Heavy consumption

Of 18 to 23Ah

Red zone / Extreme high consumption


anderson pp30 connector




The assembly is very simple, just attach the support to the power using the steering cover and connect the Anderson connectors in series to the system.

e-bike screen
User manual control screen
User manual LIFT-MTB ENGLISH.pdf
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e-bike screen consumption

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