Electric mid drive motor

 LIFT-MTB is a French rider company, who make high level made in France adaptable électrique mountain bike kit.


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We created LIFT  crank motor from a simple idea, this is what you should know about the system:

• Lightweight and has an ideal distribution of mass and ground clearance ,so that your bike is still really fun and efficient like a conventional bicycle ...(around 3.2kg / 7 pounds) (video here)
•It will only take you 10 minutes to convert your bike into an electrically assisted bike or to turn it back into a classical bike. (video here)
• It can be fitted to 80% of bikes, depending on the bottom bracket (BSA, BB92, BB30, PF30...) and frame architecture. (more infos here)
• You can use one system on different bikes (yours, your wife’s...) and keep it if you change your bike.
• More efficient and appropriate than models of other major manufacturers ( bosch , Yamaha, brose, bafang...). (more infos here)
• It has a long-life battery for riding 2 to 5 hours, and around 900 D+ and 35km (Ex: for battery 8.7 A/h - 313 W/h, 1.6Kg). (more infos here)

 Big range of very compact battery, (from 1.1 Kg to 2.9kg ) , is expected to be carried in a backpack or on the bike.

• It has a handle throttle with simple charge indicator on the handlebars for optimal battery management. (more infos here)
• Simple technology for reliable and easily serviceable product.

•  Powerful system, without speed limite, but that is still not a moped.

• Rear wheel torque 60 to 90 N.m according to gear ratio and size of Wheels.
• So you will always have to pedal , so YES it's still a sport!

• INPI Patent N° WO 20151570007 A1.
• Kit Unauthorized on open road in France.


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