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LIFT-MTB: The mountain bike crank Kit to Convert your bike into an Electric Bike !

Electric mid drive conversion kit

Electric Mid Drive Motor

 LIFT-MTB is a French rider company, who make high level made in France adaptable electric mountain bike kit.


We work with numerous countries worldwide: Europe, USA, Australia , Japan... 


Shipping costs are calculated before each shipment so we can propose the best possible price.


For international transaction we use PAYPAL or wire Banking for payments , it's easy and safe for everybody. 


If you need any info, please contact us we will try to reply as fast as possible!

electric mid drive kit for mountain bike.

Made in France electric motor bike
Lift-MTB ebike kit

We created LIFT  MTB crank motor from a simple idea, this is what you should know about the system :

electric motor for moutain bike kit

• Lightweight and has an ideal distribution of mass and ground clearance ,so that your bike is still really fun and efficient like a conventional bicycle ...(around 3.2kg / 7 pounds) (video here)
•It will only take you 10 minutes to convert your bike into an electrically assisted bike or to turn it back into a classical bike. (video here)
• It can be fitted to 80% of bikes, depending on the bottom bracket (BSA, BB92, BB30, PF30...) and frame architecture. (more infos here)
• You can use one system on different bikes (yours, your wife’s...) and keep it if you change your bike.
• More efficient and appropriate than models of other major manufacturers ( bosch , Yamaha, brose, bafang...). (more infos here)
• It has a long-life battery for riding 2 to 5 hours, and around 900 D+ and 35km (Ex: for battery 8.7 A/h - 313 W/h, 1.6Kg). (more infos here)

 Big range of very compact battery, (from 1.1 Kg to 2.9kg ) , is expected to be carried in a backpack or on the bike.

• It has a handle throttle with simple charge indicator on the handlebars for optimal battery management. (more infos here)
• Simple technology for reliable and easily serviceable product.

Max speed around 35km/h without pedaling , and around 45km if you pedale, according to gear ratio and size of Wheels.

•  Powerful system, without speed limite, but that is still not a moped.

Engine power of 450w Nominal and up to 750 W in peak, Rear wheel torque 60 to 90 N.m according to gear ratio and size of Wheels.

• So you will always have to pedal , so YES it's still a sport!

• INPI Patent N° WO 20151570007 A1.
• Kit Unauthorized on open road in France.


You can use paypal or classic wire banking for payement.

(we recalculate the price euro / dollars for each transaction)


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Price crank drive LIFT-MTB V3 "classic" motor kit.

V3 classic (Without battery ) : 999   (835 € outside europe)

V3 classic +battery 5Ah/180w/1.1 Kg:1298 (1080 € outside europe)

V3 classic +battery 8.7Ah/313w/1.6kg:1398 Best sale (1165 € outside europe)

V3 classic+battery 11.6Ah/412 W/2.1Kg:1498   Best sale (1265 € outside europe)

V3 classic +battery 14.5Ah/522W/2.5Kg:1548(1290 € outside europe)

V3 classic +battery 17.4Ah/626W/2.9kg:1648(1370 € outside europe)

V3 classic +2 battery 8.7Ah/313w/1.6kg:1698(1415 € outside europe)


Price crank drive LIFT-MTB V3 "HXR" motor kit.

V3 HXR (Without battery) : 1249(1040 € outside europe)

V3 HXR  + battery 5Ah/180w/1.1 Kg : 1548(1290 € outside europe)

V3 HXR + battery 8.7Ah/313w/1.6kg : 1648(1370 € outside europe)

 V3 HXR + battery 11.6 Ah/412 W/2.1Kg: 1748(1456 € outside europe)

V3 HXR + battery 14.5Ah /522W/2.5Kg: 1798 (1500 € outside europe)

 V3 HXR + battery 17.4Ah/626W/2.9kg: 1898(1580 € outside europe)

 V3 HXR+ x2 battery 8.7Ah/313w/1.6kg: 1948(1625 € outside europe)



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Electric mid drive conversion kit