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mid drive motor, Can i use a 2 or 3 sprocket ?

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There is really no advantage to using a double or triple sprocket with LIFT-MTB mid drive crank drive system, because the power available largely compensates so you will no longer need these low gears.. .


Moreover with current 1x10, 1x11 or 1x12 cassette coupled with the LIFT-MTB system you no longer need a front sprocket and derailleur.


If you have a recent bike already in 1x10 , 1x11 or 1x12 coupled to the system LIFT- MTB, this is the best configuration.


If you have a small cassette equal to or less than 11/34 or 11/36 and you want to ride very stiff , we can offer 30t sprocket in the front instead of the 32 to increase the maximum torque.


Note that if you have a small cassette equal to or less than 11/34 or 11/36 , you can upgrade your bike after test and add rear casette with bigger cogs if you really want to climb the very steep .


We advise special cassettes which are also perfectly adapted to a modification in mono front sprocket (1X10 / 1x11 / 1x12).


That is a good way to make upgrade your transmission 8v, 9v or 10v for low cost (around 50euro) and to have even more couples at rear wheel.


This choice to change only rear cassette will be better to use double sprocket on the front crank for upgrade your bike, it will be lighter , easier and cheaper.


This is a very interesting article about single front chainring:



You don't need 2 or 3 sprocket with the power of LIFT-MTB

Photo of a "road" type rear cassette with small gears (11/23) which allows very precise ratios on the flat, but which does not offer a large torque to make steep climbs for electric mountain biking electric kit.


cassette vtt enduro , k7 10 vitesse 11/42
cassette route dh enduro , k7 10 vitesse 11/42

Photo of an "enduro" type rear cassette with larger sprockets (11/42) which allows a large amplitude between the small and the large sprocket therefore to increase the torque and to climb steep sides more easily for electric mountain biking electric kit .

 k7 10 vitesse 11/42
cassette vtt enduro , k7 9 vitesse 11/42

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