Battery Life: Choosing the right battery for e-bike bicycle

Like a car tank which contains a volume of fuel expressed in liters, a e-bike battery contains an amount of energy expressed in Amps / hour or Watts / hour.


So like a car tank, the more a battery will have a significant capacity (in Amperes / hours or in Watts / hours) the more it will be able to store energy, in order to make longer trips.


The electric bike engine power will remain the same regardless of the battery capacity chosen.


The fear for novice user is to running out of electric bike battery, so it is essential to choose the right electric bike battery.


Most want huge batteries for fear of running out.

This is a reasoning which may seem understandable but which does not always make sense and is often misunderstood because unlike some BOSCH or other engines which remain blocked if your battery is empty it is possible to return by bike!


especially since the LIFT-MTB crankset motor is very light.


Novices imagine that they necessarily have a bicycle that cannot be used without assistance; this is far from being the case! You will be surprised when you try ...


A simple example:

take a friend's bike heavier than yours, do you think it is impossible to do a few kilometers with it ?


With the charge indicators on the handlebars, you will be vigilant enough to manage the battery and not find yourself very far from home with an empty battery.


When your battery is full the green, orange, and red LEDs are on.

After a few kilometers, the green light gradually goes out, then it will be the turn of the orange to go out, when only red remains, the BMS will regulate and cut the battery; you just have to recharge it.


Attention: some other compagny speak about very long travel with very small batteries that makes you dream; the reality is often quite different ...    Many parameters are taken into account.


According to our tests.

From one individual to another on the same course, the autonomy can vary from simple to triple!

Choosing the right battery for e-bike bicycle

The batteries we offer are all compatible with the LIFT -MTB kit.


You can place the battery in a backpack or on the frame according to the space available .


Simply define the capacity you need based on your riding type .


Main Specifications :


- 36volt / Li-ion technologie

-Brand : We used only the PANASONIC or LG cell,

-Quality : All batteries are certified and tested befor shippment .

-Capacities: 8.7Ah ( 330Wh ) / 11.6Ah ( 417Wh ) / 14 Ah (504Wh) /14.5Ah ( 522Wh ) or 17.4 Ah ( 626Wh ) .

- Weight: 1.1kg From a 2.9 kg.

- Charger: inclued , charge current 2 Amp, 220 Volt power , taking euro .

- Size : See table .

- Lifetime: 800 cycles (or 16 000 km to 55 000 km according capacity )

- Estimated minimum time to ride: 20 to 70km and 500 to 1750 D + ( See table . )


- Acceptable continuous discharge intensity: 30 Amps / Acceptable peak discharge intensity: 60 Amps

- Other: Sold with power 1.35 meter cable to connect to motor, and ignifuged bag, anderson connector.


 Batteries price list :

8.7Ah / 313w / 1.6kg : +399euro (330 € without VAT outside Europe)

11.6 Ah / 411.6 W / 2.1Kg : +499euro (415 € without VAT outside Europe)

14.5Ah / 522W / 2.5Kg : +549euro (457 € without VAT  outside Europe)

14Ah / 504W / 2.1Kg : +575euro (480 € without VAT  outside Europe)

17.4Ah / 626Wh / 2.9kg : +649 euro (540 € without VAT outside Europe)

Pack of two batteries 8.7Ah/313w/1.6kg (each):+699 euro (582 € without VAT outside europe)

Battery Life for electric motor kit

 To simplify calculates, using reasonable assistance may be considered:

1 / A good cyclist will consume about:

For 1 A / h (36 W / h) battery capacity.
130 meters of D + and 5.2km.

2 / For the average rider this will be 30% more:
1 A / h (36 W / h) battery capacity.
About 100 meters from D + and 4km.

3 / A cyclist little form it will still be 30% or more:
1 A / h (36 W / h) battery capacity
70 meters of D + and 2.8km.

So with the LIFT-MTB system with a battery 10 A / h (360 W / h), a regular cyclist will travel approximately 700 1300 meters of elevation gain, or 2-5 hours on the bike around.

Regarding the number of kilometers, take into account that once at the top, if you go down a very steep track and very direct, the mileage will be much smaller than if we go down a track that takes a long diagonal with little percentage of slope ...

Brief difficult to say how you browse but one thing is certain: whatever your level, once emptied a battery, there is generally Up!

What must be understood is that, if you are the outputs of 40 km in general, you will travel with the lift system, 80 km by forcing the same way or the same 40 km two to three times faster.

If you think you really miss autonomy, you can always invest in a second battery.

Click here to see the figures of our test on Strava.

According to our tests, we increase two to three times around its core capabilities

Autonomy in electric mountain bike: some figures to choose your battery!

Estimated total table of consumption.

estimated table lift-mtb consumption

How to have a maximum of autonomy in electric bike after choosing the right battery:

choosing the right battery and optimize consumption
For optimize the consumption you must use big cogs on rear casette !

Optimize the consumption :


For optimize the consumption and for to be sure to use the motor on the good gearing ratio, the best way is to use most bigest cogs as you can on the rear cassette.





To save battery life, do not force the system to low speed or too big gear.

choosing the right battery video tutorial


Video for help to chose the best battery.


informations about electric bike battery life

Specifications and battery ratings for lift-mtb electric bike kit:

Type of batteries available.(Li-ion 36 volt )

specifications and battery ratings electric bike kit

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