Lift-mtb electric  bicycle kit, history.

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LIFT-MTB is riders brand.

Most of us have had the same history.

It began in the early of 90s with the BMX ...


A little later, it is natural that we switched to mountain biking! :-)

faury matthieu LIFT MTB



Rider on a mountain bike World Cup for some people from the LIFT team or simply behind our home for the others.

With mountain bike, motocross, BMX, snow scoot or jet skiing...

whatever the machine, we seek to take a max of pleasure above all !

The main problem for us with mountain biking has always been too long lifts compared to the downhill time !

vtt e-bike



In 2005, with a friend engineer, we worked on the idea of an electric kit for mountain bike.


Project surely too precursor that will not emerge commercially.

Almost 10 years later, attitudes are changing, major brands like Bosch and Yamaha are interested in the phenomenon ...

This is the trigger for many users!

hande made e-bike

 We work again on the project, with the primary objective to ride electric bikes that are as close as possible to our usual bikes.

About 2 years later, the prototypes are very good!

Gradually, friends try our system.


Convinced, they ask us to adopt and equip their bikes.


e bike motors



Meet demand, we decided to market the system through the LIFT website:

2015 Enduro world series with rocky mountain international team.
2015 Enduro world series with rocky mountain international team.


 As you can see, we are not practitioners city bikes selling kits suitable for mountain bike!

We come from the high-level competition as pilots, mechanics for various prestigious teams in the World Cup downhill and enduro (TBT team TREK 2013 DH _ _ Rocky Mountain Yeti 2014/2015/2016 enduro, etc.).

We designed a kit for your (our) needs, able to withstand heavy use.

jump e-bike

e-bike kit made in france