Differences between "PRO " and "CLASSIC" KIT.


The use of the LIFT MTB kit requires a crank with a freewheel, it is neccessary if you accelerate without pedaling, with this system the arms are not dragging by the motor (see video at the bottom of page).


The kit can not work without this kind of system, that's why a specific crank is inclued with our kit.


There are two versions of the LIFT-MTB Kit: V3 CLASSIC and V3-PRO


The V3 "classic" kit is the same as V3 "PRO" in terms of engine and power.


Both types of kit PRO and CLASSIC , have both a freewheel system, whether the PRO or CLASSIC version the function will be the same, only the overall weight and prescision of the freewheel changes


Here are the details that make the difference between these two versions: 



 The 4  Main specs for the "CLASSIC" crankset:


-1- ISIS axle chromoly steel, with axle size choice of shaft diameter. (22/24, 24 mm, 28.99mm (DUB), 30 mm)

Available in different lengths to be compatible with all frames (xc / enduro / dh / fat bike).



-2- DICTA chromoly steel free wheel 20 points of engagement per turn , 2 pawls and x1 spring.


-3- ISIS 170mm 6061 aluminum cranks, laser graving.



-4- Weight 1025 grams

(value of the "classic" crank alone except kit 249euro).


The 4 main specs for the "PRO" crankset:


-1-CHROMOLY axle , with axle size choice of shaft diameter. (22/24, 24 mm, 28.99mm (DUB), 30 mm)

Available in different lengths to be compatible with all frames (xc / enduro / dh / fat bike)., available in 30mm diametre only


-2- freewheel 6 pawls and 6 spring freewheel , 72 points of engagement per revolution.


-3-Crank aluminum superlight 170 mm arms, 7075T6 CNC machined in France


-4-Weight 775 grams (value of the crankset only "PRO" except kit 449euro). 

-With the PRO you will save 250 grams.

-You will have a better responsiveness, and it will be more precise during pedaling part's due to high range freewheel.
-The overcost will be 250euro For the
PRO version compared to the CLASSIC version.

pro crank with CNC aluminium Arms :

bolt on motor lift mtb
Crankest pro

The "PRO" crank

The "classic" crank :

axle spindle size


The diffèrent axle spindle available.


We do the 4 main size on the market :


-24mm (race face , shimano , fsa…)

-22mm/24mm (SRAM...)

-28.99mm (Sram DUB)

-30mm (race face / rotor...)


Freewheel crank with LIFT MTB bolt on motor.

Photos of our made in France crankset, full CNC machining in 7075 T6 aluminum, anodizing will then be done, spindel axle chromoly 4130 heat treated after machining.

e-bike kit made in france