Inside or outside motor ?

There are two support frame support designed to allow to fix the engine below the lower tube of your frame, or the internal support that allows to fix the engine inside the frame ...

Whatever happens to ground clearance is usually much better than Bosch or Yamaha and bafang engines.

As you can see in the photo below, the system offers an ideal ground clearance.

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article on the compatibility of the electric motorbike LIFT-MTB Inside or outside version.



For the under the frame it is extremely rare that the engine kit touch the ground because usually, if it must touch it is at the sprocket (which is in principle the same height as a conventional bike).

Indeed when we get down an obstacle with the momentum we never touch as high as the positioning of the engine, It would be necessary to touch as high to get really lowspeed on a step without pulling on the handlebars ...

If by accident you touch the engine, will always be better that it is the engine support which comes to the contact to the ground  because is a block of aluminum 7075 machined in CNC of 8mm of thickness to fix on the studs iscg in the manner of a bash guard (so binding provided for this purpose).


That will be better than the down tube frame which is not more than 2mm thick  carbon or aluminium...

So in practice no chance that it moves !


Generaly a bike with the electric motor MTB LIFT-MTB is except special case usually always higher than some model like for exemple the commencal suprem sx 2018 on the photo at the left (non electric bike).


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Electric mid drive conversion kit