Electric mountain bike battery support.

Aluminum MTB battery cage with protective bag.


Aluminum battery aluminum cage with protective bag.


-Fixation :

Allows you to fix on your frame thanks to the 2 bottle cage screws, a compact battery for backpack of 8.7 Ah / 300 Wh, 11,5 Ah / 400 Wh, 14Ah / 500Wh SQUARE.


-Dimension :

Width 95mm x height 90mm x length 240mm

Foam interior padding. / weight 250gr



-The battery and the support are easily removed, so it is possible to mix between drums on a frame or in a backpack.

-Also allows to have two compact battery and to be able to change during an outing in order to keep a light bike.

-Allows to have a more compact and lighter battery than the classic E-BIKE plastic shell battery.



- About the volume of a large capacity container, check the free space in the frame with compressed suspension, to be sure that this battery holder does not touch.

- Numerous fixing holes for possible adjustment over the entire length of the battery holder.

- Fixing possible by serflex in certain cases.


Works only with LIFT-MTB or identical size 7cmx8cmx20cm batteries.

(Warning: Non-waterproof batteries do not expose to water on this type of support.)

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* Prices given as an indication. They are subject to change according to various parameters (dollar rate, variation in raw material costs or supplier prices).

electric kit v3 + frame battery 8.7ah
electric kit v3 + frame battery 8.7ah
electric bike battery holder
electric bike battery holder

electric mountain bike battery mounting

Warning !


When attaching the battery to the frame or planning to do so, check that nothing can touch when the suspensions are compressed.


If you have any doubts, deflate your suspensions to check if the available space is indeed sufficient to add a battery. 


Electric mountain bike battery
Electric mountain bike battery

Also be careful, a bicycle battery is made up of different cells, which are small batteries that are welded together, so it is important that the pressure exerted on the battery is distributed well if it is attached to the frame.


It is therefore strongly recommended not to want to fix the battery with T wrap or straps to the frame without a rigid support which distributes the constraints such as our aluminum support, this would risk making the electric mountain bike battery work at the welds and damaging it .


Below, the classic e-bike type batteries:


-Fixing: on the bike's bottle-holder mounting studs depending on the space available on the frame, Check the free space in the frame with compressed suspension, to be sure that this battery holder fits on your bike.

-Dimension: height 10cm / width 9cm / length 36cm

-Weight: + 500 grams compared to the battery bag

- Option price: + 59euro (contact us for availability)



The shell provides better insulation of the battery from water, but that does not make the battery waterproof.

Click on our article "waterproof electric mountain bike" for more information

Frame bottle battery compatibility mockup.
Below find a model to download and print to check the compatibility of your frame with the rigid electric bike battery.
Patron compatibilité batterie rigide vtt
Document Adobe Acrobat 731.7 KB
Hailon sizing
electric mountain bike battery
electric mountain bike battery

e-bike kit made in france