Battery on frame or back pack ?


All major brands that sell complete bikes with Bosch or Yamaha  mount the battery on the frame, because it is simpler to implement and allows to propose models "all public"


But for mountain bike, use the battery in a backpack remains in our opinion a much better option in terms of performance.


This will allow you to gain weight on the bike, that usually and place relatively high on the bike, and thus to have a bike more fun to ride.


Our batteries are very light, for example, the model 8,7 Ah is 1,6kg.


That the weight of 1.5l of water, you can simulate this weight by putting 1.5l of water in your bag.


The 14Ah flat and 17 Ah battery models are extra flat so they can easily fit into a backpack.


We use and resale classic EVOC bags (CC range) and bags of the same brand with integrated CE back protector (protector range) always better in case of fall.


The cable that connects the battery to the bike, from the bag, to the head tube (In red on the photo).


Equipped with a ANDERSON connector designed to plug of in case of a fall.


We usually disconnect the system for hard downhill parts. (see video)


3 liter bag, with small and large battery.

6 liter bag with small and large battery.

10 liter bag, with small and large battery.

12 liter bag, with small and large battery.

16 liter bag, with small and large battery.

Large format flat battery 17 Ah / 14 Ah


Small square battery 8,7 Ah / 11,5 Ah and 14 Ah square.

Large format flat battery and small format square battery.

Video:  Storage of the cable before a hard Downhill.

Battery on the frame for e-bikes.

Battery holder for electric bike

If you would like a battery on the bike:

Less convinced by this type of fixing, we still developed a quick and aesthetic solution for this type of fixation to be able to attach to very compact batteries type 8,7Ah / 11,5 Ah and square 14 Ah on frames with little space.


This support works like a bicycle bottel cage but beside a battery, so you can use the door canister, as in the photos below.


We also offer, batteries type bottle wuth hard plastic case, which fixes in places and place your bottel cage, this type of mounting requires a lot of space in the frame, so check that this type of battery is compatible with your frame and with the operation of your rear suspension.


In some cases, it can take place above the lower tube or other according to the architecture of your frame.


It is always possible to fix the batteries in a bag that you can make and adapted to the constraints of your frame.


The battery holder includes a protective cover.


If this type of fixation interests you, you can do a small cardboard model of the battery to see if it can fit.


SPECS: Compact aluminium bottel cage type, for 8,7 Ah/ 11.5 Ah and 14 Ah square battery only.


Size: width 90mm x height 85mm x lenght 240mm / weight 250gr


+59 euro (49euro without VAT for outside europe )


battery cage aluminium sizing
battery cage aluminium sizing

fixation batterie vtt electrique

Warning !


When fix the battery to the frame or you plan to do, check if nothing will touch when the suspensions will be full compressed.


If you have any doubt, deflate your suspensions to check if the available space is actually enought to add a battery.

electric mountain bike battery
Electric mountain bike battery

Also note, a bicycle battery is made up of different cells, which are small batteries that are welded together, so it is important that the pressure exerted on the battery is well distributed if it is attached to the frame.


It is therefore strongly advised not to want to fix the battery with zipcollard or straps to the frame without a rigid support which distributes the constraints such as our aluminum support, this would risk maybe bend the electric mountain bike battery work at the welds and damaging it .

Batteries on the frame for E-BIKE kit.

Below the batteries type backpack: Very light with Panasonic cells


Below the batteries bottel type, rigid plastic pack :


500 grams heavier than classic, option rate + 60euro (contact us for availability) This fixed on the fixing studs canister bike depending on the place available on the frame does not mount on all frames.


Dimension: height 10cm / width 9cm / length 36cm / weight + 500grams.

+59 euro


battery on the bike
battery on the bike
Frame bottle battery compatibility mockup.
Below find a model to download and print to check the compatibility of your frame with the rigid electric bike battery.
Patron compatibilité batterie rigide vtt
Document Adobe Acrobat 731.7 KB


You can read on the tab bellow :

Capacity / weight / size / cell type / Positive élévation and KM possible / charging time.

e-bike kit made in france