Check the compatibility of a bike to turn it into a VAE with the Crankset Engine Kit

 The most frequently asked question concerns the compatibility of a bike with our system:


The LIFT-MTB system is suitable for all practices :


- Compatible for hiking use (All Mountain).

- Compatible for cross country use (XC).

- Compatible for enduro use (EN).

- Compatible for downhill use (DH).


XC Electric  bike

XC Electric  bike
XC électric bike

Kid Electric bike

e bike for kid
e bike for kid

All mountain Electric

All mountain Electric
all mountain électric bike

Dh Electric bike

electric downhill kit
electric downhill kit

Electric bmx

Bmx electric bike
Bmx electric bike

Enduro Electric bike

enduro electric bicycle
enduro electric bicycle

Electric fat bike

Electric fat bike
Electric fat bike

Electric motor for bike

electric bicycle motor kit
electric bicycle motor kit

compatibility with electric crankset kit

THERE ARE 3 MAIN PARAMETERS TO TAKE INTO ACCOUNT to check the compatibility of your bike:

1- Check your bike's Frame designs...

bike's frame design

Many frames designs could be compatible but more your frame offers of clearance between the lower tube and the ground, the more you will decrease the risk of impact.


Between a frame which offers an excellent release and a frame where the release is not sufficient, there is many possible positions.


In certain cases, the assembly is possible but not necessarily ideal keeps of it for the ground.


A very angled lower tube is generally needed so that the system is compatible not at all.


Below, some photos to illustrate the thing and allow you to have a good idea on the compatibility of your frame with regard to the system LIFT-MTB.


Under the yeti frame with very good Clearance.


Under the yeti frame with very good Clearance

Under Commencal suprem DH with a correct Clearance.

Under Commencal suprem DH with a correct Clearance.

In this case, the motor mounted inside is possible.

In this case, the motor mounted inside is possible.

Clearance is not enought.

Clearance is not enought for this bike

No problem for the LIFT-MTB kit used.

No problem for the LIFT-MTB kit used.

It's ok for the lift-mtb system.

It's ok for the lift-mtb system.

But you will must add a chain guard.

you will must add a chain guard.

Not possible for the LIFT-KIT.

bike not compatible with electric motor kit

With the V3 you must choose your support  version :

On the right photo: outside aluminium support. / On the left photo : Inside aluminium support.


You must choose the model compatible with your frame.

Easy compatibility Test.

easy compatibility test

 This is a easy procedure to make a cardboard model of the LIFT-MTB system to check if the système is compatible with your frame.
You must have few pieces of cardboard, felt, compass, meter, tape and scissors, you are ready!

Download and print A4 model for download below, then perform the cardboard model.

Once done, you are left only to present the model on your bike to confirm compatibility with your frame.

It is generally considered so if the system is at the lowest parallel to the ground it's OK.

Below, there is more risk to touch the ground, even if according to your riding practice, this can be more or less disabling but that's for you to judge!

Sure, this may seem a bit simplistic concept but questions about the compatibility being the most recurrent, it is currently the most economical and most effective solution we found to bring you an answer.


Draw of internal plate lift-mtb
Upload the A4 dray for made the cardboard model.
Document Adobe Acrobat 19.6 KB
Draw of outside plate lift-mtb
Upload the A4 dray for made the cardboard model.
Lift-mtb A4 compatiblility test.pdf
Document Adobe Acrobat 13.2 KB

-2- Check the presence of the ISCG tabs.

-2- Check the presence of the ISCG


 The LIFT-MTB system is fixed on the studs 3 ISCG anti derailment of your frame.

ISCG studs are present holes or drill holes in your frame around the bottom bracket (in red on the photo-cons).


You have to control the presence of these bindings on your frame.
There are two ISCG03 and ISCG 05 standard, we offer two types of media.
Note that the ISCG 05 is the most popular, (theoretically bike from 2005 to the present), and the ISCG 03 tends to disappear (theoretically bikes between 2003 and 2005).

In order not to mislead you, find below the numerical dimensions of the two existing versions

iscg to install motor kit

Test procedure ISCG03 or ISCG05
If you have any doubt about the iscg standard of your frame, print the word document in A4 format, cut out and superimpose the papers on your frame.
FINAL TEST - ISCG 03 - ISCG 05.docx
Document Microsoft Word 691.3 KB

If you don't have ISCG tabs :

If your frame is compatible and if you  have ISCG tabs that's OK  !


 But if you don't have ISCG, You must add removable ISCG tabs.

Below is the differents solutions for add ISCG tab's  on your frame, depending of the standard of your Bottom bracket :

Vidéo for installation of  removable ISCG tab's.

-A- For BSA bottom braket :

Below is the adapter for fix the LIFT-MTB system on BSA bottom bracket.

(MADE IN FRANCE adapter in alu CNC series 7000, with 7 bolts for fixation for have an optimal rigidity)

adapter for BSA bottom bracket


Below is the adapter in clamping position between the frame and the bottom bracket.


-B- For PF30 Bottom bracket (46mm ID frame)

With this adapter you can screw the conventional BSA cuvettes and use the adapter as in the first case (A).

adapter with BSA cuvettes
mtb engine kit mounting

-C- For BB30 Bottom bracket (42mm ID frame)

With this adapter you can screw the conventional BSA cuvettes and use the adapter as in the first case (A).

for BB30 bottom bracket
lift mtb V3 model
is lift mtb compatible with all bikes

-D-For BB92 Bottom bracket (41mm ID frame)


The South African brand CSIXX and CLUTCH ISCG brand propose an ingenious adapter collars.
This is the solution to fix the lift-mtb system if you have a BB92 without ISCG tab's.

Available in 44mm or 47mm clamp size / large is 8mm for both size.


-3- Think also to the Axle size :

axle of lift crank


With the LIFT-MTB system you will keep your bottom bracket and replace the crank only .


If you want to quickly change your bike from one configuration to another, you must select the axle of LIFT crank with the same size than your current crank.

There are 4 versions to choose, when you ordering the kit:

30mm Axle diameter: Rotor, E13, Race face (version with aluminum axle).

28.99mm Axle diameter: DUB SRAM (version with aluminum axle).
24mm Axle diameter: Race face (steel shaft version) and Shimano Hollowtech.
22mm Axle diameter left side / 24mm right side: SRAM gxp

Example of Fat Bike compatible with our electric motor kit system.

ELECTRIC FAT BIKE with our electric motor kit
electric fat bike lift mtb


We also made a specific 24mm diameter axles for ELECTRIC FAT BIKE.


-Axle crank In length 179mm (for ELECTRIC FAT BIKE with rear wheel spacing  170mm)


-Axle crank In length 199mm (for ELECTRIC FAT BIKE with rear wheel spacing  190mm).

electric motor bike for children
Transformación eléctrica de MTB
Electric mid drive conversion kit