Maintenance opération ?


 With the LIFT-MTB KIT for the transmission part, as for a conventional bike, clean and grease the drive chain regularly and check the different tightenings a little more regularly in the transmission and the pedal.


Regarding the electrical system:

No specific maintenance is necessary.


The electrical system consists of 3 components all connected by waterproof connectors.


the engine, the controller (which manages the power) and the trigger.


Avoid splashing water and keep your bike dry.


About the battery: the ideal is to store it indoors, at a temperature between 8 ° C and 30 ° C.


Remember to always store your charged battery between 30% and 60%.


All tips for use and storage are included with your bike kit. The battery is not waterproof.



Regarding the electric motor and all other parts of the kit:


Unlike some major brands that lock access to the mechanical part, we want users to be Independent and can easily repair their kit themselves, that's why most of the parts we use are parts of large series so that you can do maintenance yourself at a lower cost.


Usually an user makes x2 ride session per week with 25 kilometers of each, and 50 weeks per year, so that is around 2500km.


We therefore recommend that you lubricate and check the reductor bearings every year , or every 2500 km.


A repair kit exists it is composed of two bearings:

x1 bearing ref 6902-2 RS, x1 bearing ref 608-2 RS.


The procedure is very simple it takes about ten minutes and there are only 4 screws to remove to disassemble the reducer.

See the explanatory picture and vidéo below: 


You can also replace the freewheel clutch bearing  Inside the 8T cog, the ref is  HFL 1426 INA.


Service on lift-mtb electric bike kit
Service on lift-mtb electric bike kit

Motor gearing, service procédure vidéo. 

maintenance on mid drive motor

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