For ordered and buyYour Lift-mtb Crank drive motor

mid drive motor

Since 2012

That's the new LIFT-MTB V3  .


Last version of our removable electric bicycle motor kit.

Fit on 80% of the bikes on the market.


This kit It inclued everything you need to change your current bike into e-bike in only 10 minutes.


You have the choice between the classic crankset and the HXR crankset :

lift mtb public price

lift mtb public price

To order a complete LIFT-MTB electric motor kit, you need to choose 3 main specifications, and you can add different options :

order a complete electric motor kit
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-1- Motor kit (Inside frame motor plate or outside motor plate)

-2- Axle size (for classic version)

-3- Battery pack


-4- chain guide (option)

-5- wattmeter (option)

-6- power regulator P.A.S (option)


-You need complet the the table at end of this page, for choose all options (colors, axle size...) then add comment or questions.


-You can see Under the price and description with option available.

-When the tab is completed, you must just clic on buttom « send the order »

-We will edit an invoice with a recap of your order .

-If you choose wire Banking, we have no Banking overcharges, so we can offer a free shippment on almost all the world.

(click HERE for more infos for shipping cost price)

- If you are agree with price, delay … you send the payement by paypal, credit card or wire banking !


It's safe , easy , and fast...


motor for mountain bike

Details and options before ordering your LIFT-MTB kit :

1/ Electric bicycle kit LIFT-MTB  V3 classic or V3 HXR ?

two types of crankset for electric mtb

List of parts included in the KIT :


- The mid drive motor / controller / CNC support.

(standard 05 or 03 or ISCG mount bb specify in comments when ordering)
- The specific crank composed by : x1 pair of ISIS arm 170mm , x1 isis specific axle for 24mm , 22/24mm or 30mm Bottom bracket .
- special freewheel ACS claw or DICTA for the crank
-  RACE FACE narrow wide 32t  or 30t chain ring, and  

- 38t -sprocket for primary.

-  Motor chainring with freewheel with - 8T-
- Reinforced primary chain

- Chain tensioner, with SHIMANO roller
- The throttle trigger with charge indicator.
- The complete hardware kit and spacer.

 -Torque 70N.m to 80 N.m / Sonore level 60db .


Différence betwen V3 "classic" and V3 "HXR" :

The motor specs are exactly the same, that's only the crank who change on the "HXR" modèle than "classic" model.


The V3 HXR have a specific crank from the French brand HXR easy shift, (after market price for this cranck is 449euro):
- Oversize superlight 30mm hollow aluminum axle.

-Specific HXR freewheel with aluminum body , with a higher number of points of engagement, which allows 108 engagement points per turn for the V3-HXR, against 20 points of engagement for the classique V3.

So you will have a better reactivity, raises More precise and efficient, and reliable reliability.


-You saves about 250 grams on the kit with the HXR cranks on the V3 HXR.

- The HXR crank is not compatible with DH frame (BB107 or BB83mm).


PRICE for V3 "classic": 999 euro  inclued 20% VAT for Europe / 835 euro without VAT (for outside Europe)

PRICE for V3 "HXR": 1250 euro  inclued 20% VAT  / 1040 euro without VAT (for outside Europe)


Warning: This price does not include the battery !

You must specify if you need.

- Inside frame type or Under frame type

- ISCG standard fixation you need . (for more info about ISCG "clic her" )

V3 / Inside frame plate type :
buy an inside frame plate type
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V3 /Outside frame plate team:
my bike has an outside frame
order mid drive motor

2/ How to chose the Axle size ?

-A- Axle for DH and classic bike

how to chose the axe size for electric motor bike
axle e-bike

 With the LIFT-MTB system with the "classic" version you will keep your bottom bracket and replace the crank only .


If you want to quickly change your bike from one configuration to another, you must select the axle of LIFT crank with the same size than your current crank.

There are 4 versions for classic and dh bike to choose, when you ordering the kit:

-30mm Axle diameter: Rotor, E13, Race face (version with aluminum axle).

-28.99mm Axle diameter: SRAM DUB (version with aluminum axle).
-24mm Axle diameter: Race face (steel axle version) and Shimano Hollowtech. (version fat bike available only on this size)
-22mm Axle diameter left side / 24mm right side: SRAM gxp


Warning: The V3 "HXR" with HXR crank is only avaliable with 30mm axle, so we can provide a specifique bottom bracket for adapt it on your frame if you need.


-B- Axle for Fat bike electric.

buy an electric fat bike
fat bike electric

We also made a specific 24mm diameter axles for ELECTRIC FAT BIKE.


-Axle crank In length 179mm (for ELECTRIC FAT BIKE with rear wheel spacing  170mm)

-Axle crank In length 199mm (for ELECTRIC FAT BIKE with rear wheel spacing  190mm).



3/ Choose and buy Battery packs for electric kit lift-mtb:

The batteries we offer are all compatible with the LIFT -MTB kit.


You can place the battery in a backpack or on the frame according to the space available .

Simply define the capacity you need based on your riding type .


Main Specifications :

- 36volt / Li-ion technologie

-Brand : We used only the PANASONIC or LG cell,

-Capacities: 8.7Ah ( 330Wh ) / 11.6Ah ( 417Wh ) / 14.5Ah ( 522Wh ) or 17.4 Ah ( 626Wh ) .

- Weight: 1.1kg From a 2.9 kg.

- Charger: inclued , charge current 2 Amp, 220 Volt power , taking euro .

- Size : See table .

- Lifetime: 800 cycles (or 16 000 km to 55 000 km according capacity )

- Estimated minimum time to ride: 20 to 70km and 500 to 1750 D + ( See table . )

- Other: Sold with power 1.35 meter cable to connect, and ignifuged bag, battery colors black or blue.

 Battery listing :

8.7Ah / 313w / 1.6kg : +399euro (330 € without VAT outside Europe)

11.6 Ah / 411.6 W / 2.1Kg : +499euro (415 € without VAT outside Europe)

14.5Ah / 522W / 2.5Kg : +549euro (457 € without VAT  outside Europe)

17.4Ah / 626Wh / 2.9kg : +649 euro (540 € without VAT outside Europe)


Optional  aluminium  8.7Ah / 11.6ah battery cage , "bottel cage type"

optionnal battery cage

 Personnaly we prefere the batteries on back pack, but for small and light batteries we have developped an aluminum battery cage, black anodized.

You can fix to your frame, and use it for fixed a compact battery of 8.7 Ah / 313 wh or 11.6 Ah / 418 wh on the bottel cage fixation (if you have a space and bolt on your frame for that).


Only works with LIFT-MTB or identical size 7cmx8cmx20cm batteries.


We advise to check the free space in the frame with the compressed suspension, to be on what you support the battery on the ride on your bike.


The free space dimension you need with cage is :

width 95mm x height 90mm x length 240mm / Inside foam padding.


if you want order it you must add it on the comment at the end of order sheet.

Price 59 euro (with VAT for europe / 49 euro for outside europe without VAT)

4/ Must i order Chain guide for my e-bike?

chaine guide e-bike
chaine guide e-bike

 If you do extreme rides (hard enduro ,DH or freeride...) it is probably better to use an chainguard.


Full aluminium / anodized black.


PRICE : 59 euro

5/ Optional Screen controller for electric kit:

e-bike screen
e-bike screen

The control panel is an option, so that is not essential to the operation of the kit ..


But it's ideal for those who want accuracy on such things as:


• the energy consumed: 0-6554 W / h (accurate to 0.1 W / h)

• instant discharge current 0 to 130 A (accurate to 0.01 A)

• instantaneous power: 0 to 6554 W (0.1 W precision)

• consumed capacity: 0 to 65 A / h (accuracy 0.001 A / h)

• Battery voltage: 4.8 V to 60 V DC (precision 0.01 V)


This tool allows to know precisely what you consume in real time, the remaining battery, the average consumption on a rise or an exit, etc...


-The Package included the console, the black anodized universal aluminum support, and Anderson connectors.

-The Console can be assembled and disassembled quickly without modifications.

-Warning : No waterproof product !

Price: 59 Euro (49 € without VAT outside Europe)

(Supplied complete with connectors, ready to be mounted with our system)

 6/ Optional power regulator, with P.A.S: 

Pedelec for LIFT MTB
Pedelec for LIFT MTB

Our electric bike conversion kit normally works only with a throttle to manage the motor power, because it's easy easier and more natural and efficient as P.A.S / PEDELEC


We can also mount in option a power regulator (pedelec / P.A.S), it work exactly like to cruise contrôle on your car , that's how it works:


The sensor has a 2 positions ON / OFF.


1- OFF position (push the red buttom) :

 The pedal sensor is disconnected, in this case the throttel only manage the power of motor as on the basic kit.


-2- ON Position (Pull the red buttom) :

The sensor detects pedal movement, sending power to the engine and assisting you.


You can turn the red buttom for decrease or increase the power as you need from 0% to 100%


Note that the trigger always remains a priority, this means that, if the pedal sensor is in the ON position at 60% of max power for exemple, and  if you want 100% of the power for a short time, or if you need to accelerate without pedaling you can accelerate with the throttel.


The connection is simple, there are two plugs , to plug on the original circuit between the hand throttel and the controller, this captor of power regulator is easily compatible with the LIFT-MTB kit produced from 2014. 


Price : 99 euro ( 82.5euro outside europe)


kit electric bike

Order your custom electric  mid drive kit

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e-bike kit made in france