Mid drive motor for bike.

mid drive motor

 Since 2012

That's the new mid drive motor LIFT-MTB V4  .


Last version of our removable electric bicycle motor kit.

Fit on 80% of the bikes on the market.


This kit inclued everything you need to change your current bike into e-bike in only 10 minutes.


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List of parts included in the bike motor KIT :

 Motor Kit :

  • Mid drive motor 36v, specific controller water resist IP5.
  • Aluminium 7075 T6 CNC support inside or outside mount.
  • RACE FACE type narrow wide 32t  or 30t chain ring.
  • 38t aluminium sprocket for primary drive.
  • Renforced 8T motor cogs with integrated freewheel.
  • Reinforced primary chain.
  • Chain tensioner, with SHIMANO roller.
  • Throttle orr index trigger, charge indicator, On/Off buttom.
  • The complete hardware kit and spacer + free connector.
  • Rear wheel torque 80N.m to 90 N.m
  • Sonore level around 60db.
  • Motor Weight 3.2kg .

Crank for CLASSIC version :

  •  170mm aluminium arms
  • Chromoly spindle axle with adapter 24mm , 22/24mm(sram), 29mm(dub) or 30mm.
  • Freewheel on the with crank 2 pawls 20 engagement points.


Crank for PRO version:

  • Super light CNC 7075 PRO arms 170mm
  • Chromoly 4130 hollow axle.
  • Freewheel 6pawls 72 engagement points.
  • 250gr lighter as CLASSIC version.

 Battery pack

  • LI-ION Panasonic or LG cell 36v (capacity of your choice)
  • Charger LI-ION 36v.
  • Ignifuged protective black bag.
  • Power cable from back pack to motor. 

The package includes everything you need to turn your bike into an electric bike in 10 minutes.

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How to choose the right options for the LIFT-MTB V4 KIT ?

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There are 4 main specifications, and 5 possible options to compose your kit:

  •  1 - Choose the model of the crankset "CLASSIC" or "PRO".
  • 2 - Choose the support "INTERNAL" or "UNDER FRAME".
  • 3 - Choose your standard crankset axle. 
  • 4 - Choose the capacity of your battery.


  • 1 - Battery holder or plastic battery shell.
  • 2 - Control screen.
  • 3 - Chaine guide.
  • 4 - Bash Guard
  • 5 - Pedal sensor.
  • 6 - Adapters (if necessary)

1/ Choose crank version PRO or CLASSIC:

The V4 "CLASSIC" kit is identical to the V4 "PRO" in terms of power and engine specification.


Only the crankset changes between the two versions, the PRO version saves 250 grams, and offers a better reactivity, and more precise relaunching thanks to a more precise freewheel.


 Only experienced riders will notice the difference with the PRO.


The extra cost of the PRO model will be 250 euro compared to the CLASSIC version.




Fixing of the motor inside the frame (internal support) or fixing under the frame (support under frame): 

V4 / Inside frame plate :
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V4 / Under frame plate :
my bike has an outside frame
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Click on the link below for more information on internal or sub-frame motor mounts:

3/ How to chose the Axle size ?


The LIFT-MTB "V4" system allows you to keep your bottom bracket and change only the cranks without disassembling or changing the bottom bracket, which makes changing configurations quick and easy.




If you want to quickly change your bike from one configuration to another, you will only need to put on or remove the axle diameter adapter set that corresponds to your current bottom bracket axle.

In the kit is included, axle diameter adapters, to change the kit axle on all standards: 


- Axle diameter 24 mm: Race face (steel version) and Shimano Hollowtech, some FSA.

- Axle diameter 28.99mm: SRAM DUB (version with aluminum axle).

- 30 mm axle diameter: Rotor, E13 , Race face , HXR (version with aluminum axle).

- Axle diameter 22 mm on left side, and 24 mm on right side : SRAM GXP.


The axles are compatible with the widths of cases:

68/73, BB92 (classic bikes) but also 83 mm and BB107 (Downhill bikes).


We have 2 axle sizes for Fat Bike in 170mm and 190mm.

If you have any doubt about the model of your bottom bracket read the article below by clicking on the link :


We offer different capacities of batteries that allow different autonomies.

Click on the link in red to help you choose the right battery for your practice:


The 36 volt Li-ion batteries we offer are all compatible with the LIFT-MTB kit. 

Just set the capacity you need based on the common types of out put you do.


Main specifications:

- Voltage: 36 Volt / Li-ion

- Capacities available: 8.7Ah (300 Wh) / 11.5Ah (400 Wh) / 14Ah (500 Wh) available in flat or square or 17Ah (600 Wh).

- Dimensions / Weight: From 1.6 kg to 3.2 kg. see table

- Charger (included in the price): 2 Ampere charge intensity, 220 Volts power supply, euro plug.

- Lifetime: 800 cycles (16 000 km to 55 000 km depending on capacity)

- Estimated minimum autonomy: from 20 to 70km and 500 to 1750 of D+ (see table.)

- The batteries are not waterproof! 

-Fireproof transport bag to protect the battery and secure the charge.

- Other : Sold with the 1.35 meter power cable to connect to the motor. (included in the price)


All our batteries are systematically checked on the test bench.

If a battery is not available, the manufacturing time is about 1 week, for more info contact us.


Technology :

High discharge capacity with LG or PANASONIC cells, equipped with a BMS (Battery Management System) that regulates the discharge and charge to preserve its life.

-Minimum voltage admitted by the BMS: 27,5 V / Maximum voltage admitted by the BMS: 42 v

-Ideal temperature for charging: 0°C to 42°C / Ideal temperature for discharging: - 5°C to 42°C / Ideal temperature for storage: 10°C to 30°C

- Allowable continuous discharge current: 30 Amps / Allowable peak discharge current: 60 Amps

battery canada

For our North American sales, we have a Canadian Stock for batteries, with specific 110v US plug the charger.


So, we do UPS express air flight shipping for all states in USA and Canada.

5/ Optional aluminium battery support.

Most of the time the battery is placed in a backpack, because the weight distribution is much better allowing a much better feeling on the bike, this is the simplest and most efficient solution.


However, we also offer an aluminum bracket that allows you to place a compact battery on the frame.


And if there is enough space we have batteries assembled in plastic shells to be fixed to the frame.

A/ Aluminium battery cage + bag option

For fixed on the frame a compact battery of: 8.7 Ah / 300 Wh, 11.5 Ah / 400Wh and 14Ah / 500Wh square.


Allows to easily alternate bag or frame battery.


- Dimension: Width 90 mm x Height 85 mm x Length 240 mm / Interior foam padding 

- Color: Aluminum with protective cover.

- Option price: + 59 euros 49 € outside Europe)

B/ Battery with plastic hard cage type E-bike.

- More voluminous, it's mounted on the fixings the bottle cage area, if the space is available on the frame.


Check the free space with compressed suspension, to be sure that this battery is compatible.


- Dimension: Height 10 cm / Width 9 cm / Length 36 cm

- Weight: + 500 grams compared to bag batteries

- Price of the option: + 59 euros 49 € outside Europe)

Patron compatibilité batterie rigide vtt
Document Adobe Acrobat 731.7 KB

5/ Optional Chain guide for mid drive kit.

chaine guide e-bike
chaine guide e-bike

Chain guide option:


The LIFT-MTB aluminium chain guide is adjustable. It allows to limit the risks of derailment. Compatible with the frame-mounted plate, for the internal mounting versions the chain guide can be integrated, this option can be added at the time of purchase or at a later date.




Price 59 € ( 49 € outside Europe) 


Optional Bash Guard :


When mounted under the frame, it is extremely rare that the electric crankset motor kit touches. In general, if it were to touch, it would be at the level of the chainrings which are at the same height as on a classic mountain bike.


(For more information on ground clearance, click here to access an article on the subject).


That's why we have innovated a system of chainring protectors that can be adapted to the motor plates of the V3 to V4 version. 


Price 59 € 49 € outside Europe) 

7/ Optional Screen for electric kit:

Control screen option :


The control screen is an option that is not essential to the operation of the kit, it nevertheless allows you to have precise and very useful data of instantaneous consumption and remaining battery to optimize the use of your KIT, this option can be added at the time of purchase or at a later date.




Price 59 euros ( 49 € outside Europe)

 8/ Optional power regulator, with P.A.S: 

Pedelec for LIFT MTB
Pedelec for LIFT MTB


This sensor makes it possible to have an operation identical to that of a traditional electric bicycle like a Bosch MTB motor for example:


When the crankset turns, the sensor detects it and the crankset motor sends power to assist the rider, without the rider pulling the trigger.


The power of the assistance can be adjusted by turning the knob on the stem.


The trigger on the handlebars will remain active even if you are not pedalling, allowing you to accelerate without pedalling if necessary.

This option can be added at a later stage or directly when purchasing the kit.

Price 99euros ( 82,5 € outside Europe)


6000 lumens lamp with specific power supply system for direct connection to the LIFT MTB kit battery.


The best for nocturne riding !!


Price 59 euros ( 49 € outside Europe)

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