Is my kit waterproof ?



Water and electricity do not get on well together... 


so we sealed the controller with a special resin and the motor and the connections are also watertight.

We therefore guarantee the system against occasional splashes (ip3) but the system is not sealed against immersion.


The better way is to exposed less as possible the system to the water...


The better for wash the motor, use a damp cloth, if you need to clean the  the bike with a water jet, don't insist to much on the motor, you can cover the motor and system parts with a plastic bag if it's neccesary...

Then allow the system to dry before using it again.


The batteries are absolutely not water proof !

lift mtb waterproof
lift mtb waterproof
e-bike snow
e-bike snow
Transformación eléctrica de MTB
Electric mid drive conversion kit