FOX FLOAT X2 AND DHX2 Remote upgrade

Compatible for X2 shox 2016 to 2020  models, check below for more infos.

Fox x2 shox with remote system LIFT-MTB
Fox x2 shox with remote system LIFT-MTB


We have developed a special remote interface to upgrade the FOX Float X2 and DHX2 shocks.


With our system, you can transfer the manual lock-out on the shock to the handlebar,

with a remote lever.


This system is:

- Full CNC.

-Aircraft-quality 7075 aluminium.

-100%engineering and made in France.

-Hard black anodized.

 -Weight: 84 grams.


fox x2 remote
fox x2 remote system
fox x2 remote
x2 remote system

fox x2 remote system

Lock out lever for fox X2 shox.

Our system was designed to work with regular front speed shifters, Shimano or Sram, serving as a remote lever

You can use any of 2 or 3 speed front derailleur shifters, no matter its age or version


That makes it an affordable, strong, universal and simple solution for the lever.


Note: Our system is also compatible with Original fox remote 3 position lever, although more expensive than a front shifter.


Our system is probably compatible with levers from other brands, though we don't have a precise list.


In order to check compatibility,  you can refer to the ratio of your lever:

It must have a minimum of 8mm cable-pulling range to go from OPEN mode to LOCK-OUT mode.



fox x2 remote
fox x2 remote lever


fox x2 remote
fox x2 remote lever

Coupling your fork lever with our Fox X2 shock lock-out.

fox x2 remote lever



If you have a fork with a remote lock-out, you can also couple the FOX X2 shock lock-out with the same lever.


Simply use the Fox cable Splitter Kit Remote CTD, Ref 803-00-817 .


Compatibility list for FOX X2 lock-out

All models of Fox Float X2 or DHX2 from 2016 to  2020,  with blue lockout lever on the shock are compatible with our

remote system.



Compatible with shox FOX ref :973-01-168 / 973-01-169 / 973-86-002 / 961-01-111 / 961-01-112 / 961-01-118 / 961-01-116 / 961-01-132 / 961-01-131 / 961-01-130 / 973-61-003 / 973-01-178 / 973-01-177 / 973-01-176 / 973-01-186 / 973-01-185 / 973-01-179 / 973-01-193 / 973-01-192 / 973-01-191 and 2019 models


Warning it's not compatible with 2021 and 2022 models !




To ensure compatibility, check photos below:

Compatible with :

Dhx2 (spring coil) left photo ///-/// Float x2 (air coil) right photo


-1- Below models compatible (DHX2 /Float X2) 2016/2020

(with the small blue lock-out lever on the shock.)


-2- Below model NOT compatible (DHX2 or Float X2) 

(without small lever on the blue part)


fox x2 remote lever

If you are in the case number -2- :


It is NOT possible to adapt easily our remote lock-out on the shock.


The only way around is to first proceed with an upgrade of your shock by an authorised FOX service in your country with the complete lockout compression cartridge.


This is a very difficult work, You should NOT try to do it yourself, and we don't do that either.


Information about the lock-out upgrade procedure can be found here:


-3- Below models are NOT compatible (DHX2 or Float X2) 2021 /2022 and after

(with small lever on the piggy back)

Tuning with the remote lock out  fox x2 shox ?

fox x2 remote lever



If you take off the top cap (only two bolts), you will have easy access to the high-speed compression bolt (HSC) and low speed compression bolt (LSC).


The tuning of your shock will be fast and easy, without disconnecting the cable nor the system.

Cable routing with Lock out  for shox FOX  X2 ?


-The cable routing can come from the down side or from the upside.


-You can turn the system upside-down so it will adapt perfectly to your frame.


-You can see the 2 different positions on the photos below

Clearence for the  LIFT-MTB ,lock out  for fox x2 shock.

Fox x2 remote system
Fox x2 remote system



We don't have a list of all compatible bikes since we cannot try all models on the market.


The best way to ensure compatibility is to measure your bike and check there is no linkage or frame parts which would touch the system.


You must try with the shock completely extended as well as fully compressed.

Vidéo installation guide:

Exploded view :

Fichier Audio/Vidéo MP4 8.9 MB


Fox x2 remote lock out DHX and FLOAT X2

-Option 1- Price for LIFT-MTB shox lock out système only.

(without shifter and câble, you must then add the cable and Shimano or Sram shifter.)

149 euro (for europe inclued 20% VAT)

125 euro (for outside europe without VAT)


-Option 2- Price for LIFT-MTB complete pack.

(Shox lock out /with shimano or sram shifter and cable ) 

169 euro (for europe inclued 20% VAT)

140 euro (for outside europe without VAT)


Shipping cost are inclued all around the world (excepted zone 4)


149,00 €

  • disponible / available / a disposizione

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