What is the better electric bike conversion kit ?

bafang mid drive motor testing
bafang test and reviw


-The LIFT system is simple, all components are readily available at low prices.
everything is designed for easy replaceable parts directly by user.


You can disassembles the LIFT in 10 minutes, you can quickly modify your bike or second bike fitting,

 You have a better mountain bike for less money.


BOSCH or Yamaha motors are very good products for people who want a quiet, peaceful bike ride.

They are not 100% efficient on hard track compared with LIFT the reasons are :


-1- Price:

All bikes equipped with a Yamaha or Bosch motor, have low level equipment and high level price !!!

With LIFT system can equip your current bike.

You can disassemble the LIFT system in 10 minutes, you can quickly modify your bike or fit it to another bike, You have a better mountain bike at less cost.

Your kit and bike keep their value as they are separable (for how could you sell a broken Used electric bike?.)


-2- Weight:

Our engine is lighter, and we carry the batteries in the backpack which saves more than 2.5 kg on the bike, that is a big difference when you are in action ! We can also supply on request, very small batteries of about 1.2 kg ....


-3- Reliability:

The motor and mechanism used by the big brands are usually very complex, full of electronic devices and difficult for the user to repair.

The LIFT system is simple, all parts subject to wear are readily available at low prices. Everything is designed for easy replacement of parts directly by the user.

For exemple on the Bosch or Yamaha the controler is Inside the motor and you can replace it only withe the original part's from Bosch or Yamaha  by an authorized dealer ,  for the lift-mtb you can easily replace the controler for an another model with the same specs, Whether you are in France or at the other end of the world.

With the crank drive motor LIFT-MTB if you break a parts you can re move your bike quickly on the standard version so you can ride again and your bike is not immobilized.


-4- Performance:

Bosch or Yamaha motors’ ground clearance is too small and sometime they lack power ...

Our motor provides more comfort in use with its torque of 60N.m to 70 N.m, throttel and no speed limit...

Finally, we want to build up our pieces or manufacture in France, for practical reasons and control qualities, but in an ethical concerns, of course some parts are for the moment because Chinese economic reality does not allow us to do the 100% made in France (otherwise you would not buy our kit ...) but we are making efforts to move towards that goal !


Video for explain the difference with classic E-bike.

Why LIFT is better than a hub motor ?

BAFANG problems
BAFANG problems


We see these engines as relatively unsuitable for MTB.


That's anti-physics to use such a system on an MTB.

The performances are not bad but the big problem is the weight and gearing.
1- On a hub motor, the masses are very badly distributed.
People do compare, in général, the overall weight of a system, but it is a mistake to take only this aspect.

If the weight is not centered and suspended as a crank engine, this leads to many problems.
n paper it misleads the consumer as it gets ... just weight! But in reality it is very disabling.

A simple example to understand: try to run with 1 weight of 2 kilos on arm rather than in a backpack or bag against you. After a few hundred meters you will soon understand the interests of the proper weight distribution.

2- The hub motor becomes heavier to wear.
On paper, it was an inert mass of 3 kg see 4kg; moving, it becomes exponentially heavy ...
In reality such a system, a 20 km / h will increase the weight of your bike about 6 kg more compared to a conventional wheel ...
it's called the gyroscopic effect.
click here for more details
3- The hub motor induces unsprung masses.
The weight therefore is affecting your suspension, with all the disadvantages resulting in less efficiency ...
4- The motor hub has a given gear.
It will be a good power for climbing well, or at high speed to go fast.

It is almost impossible to have a good compromise, with a mid drive motor you can use the bike speed to match engine speed to the slope.

Imagine that you have only a single speed of your choice on your car, what would you choose?
It seem clear that the motors hubs are fine for city bikes, tricycles... but not good Mountain biking.


bafang review


Video for explain the difference with motor hubs and BAFANG bbs.

BAFANG Why lift-mtb is better ?

bafang review


We come from the high level competitions in downhill mountain biking and enduro, as a rider in the World Cup downhill, or currently mechanic on the enduro world series, our kit is designed specifically for mountain biking, taking into account not only current and future standard fasteners, but also constraints fastness bind to heavy use in all terrain constraints that we know well.

We developed and patented the LIFT-MTB system, for create a product that does not exist on the market.


we inspired of the Bafang but improving many points that do not satisfy us.


This is différents key point we worked for increase the compatibility and performances.

The LIFT-MTB system is often in competition with the BBS model made by Bafang,

that's our review about the bafang KIT:


Bafang is a Chinese brand offering engine that are quite interesting, aesthetic, efficient and very quiet.

These are city bikes engines, and some people try to adapt it for mountain biking use.


These are perfect for urban transport but the problem is they are not designed with a

European vision for mountain biking .


There are not easy compatible with many frames and not good for hard mountain bike used...


We think so we have not the same view and same perception as a Chinese men who want to get to work are by bike...

-1- The difficulty for compatibility:
Most Bafang sellers announces compatibility with many bikes, is quite true for the city bike that use mostly BSA bottom bracket, it is not easier for mountainbike ...
Most moderne mountain bike modeled using bottom braket type Press PF 30 / BB30 / BB92 , that's incompatible with Bafang the system,

The ISCG fixation are incompatible with the system Bafang part has less cutting them.

You will not be able to keep your kit a bike to another, or sell it easily because no mountain bike kit easily adaptable to another model.

To convince you, look into our compatibility chart HERE, most bikes we quote are box-type PF30 / BB30 / BB92 or have ISCG mounts, which almost all the rendrais easily incompatible with the model Bafang.
For MTB use, you will need to purchase accessories such as sprocket spider adapter because their engine is delivered with a heavy steel sprocket set for a city (too big for mountain bike use) and the attachment the original sprocket is the Chinese standard ... (so no standard at all ...)


it requires if we want to change the the addition of an adapter interface to return to traditional 104mm 4 points. (Also note that the tray-type Narrow Wide is included in the price LIFT system.)

-2- The limited ground clearance:
It does not offer a sufficient ground clearance by bike in 80% of cases, one case of known compatibility are the old Mongoose release until 2013 (as in the photo above, which shows the bike that was our test bike to develop LIFT-MTB) and some old drive GT-version still requires cutting ISCG studs in both cases ...

-3- The Impossible quick assembly:
With Bafang impossible to mount and unmount the system quickly because it requires disassembly of the bottom bracket each time to return a version to another.
It may be noted that when mounted and intensively use the Bafang fixing type can damage the internal thread of the frame on the lower part or the first net, because the system is only pushed on the frame not screwed into the frame.

So not easy to sell your used bike without motor  if the frame thread is damaged...

-4- A line of incorrect string:
The Bafang does not allow you to keep a line of proper chain with a 104mm plate, you will have to generally lock two cog on the cassette, which limits you to a much lower staging and a speed of amplitude much less interesting than on a LIFT model -MTB


A staggering 1 times 11 or 10 speed and assist by an electric motor you will pass everywhere and it's easier ...
Also noted that the Q factor is not optimal with this bafang engine .

sunstar and lift-mtb motors
sunstar and lift-mtb motors


-5- A screen not necessarily useful and expose:
The Bafang has a display that gives information that are also for us not necessarily essential for MTB use.
Also this screen is very exposed to breakage to the mtb, for information, the cost of a Bafang screen is between 130 and 150 euro .
In LIFT-MTB we have chosen to propose a simple throttle control integrating the battery meter, which is for us the only information needed by bike ...


And we propose an option for addicts with a power meter statistical support that will gain even more informations.
-6- Average Reliability of mechanical parts in heavy use.
The Bafang is designed for the city, and uses technology that may not be ideal for mountain biking, fitting cranks are square the original cranks of which are not very rigid and no strong.
 The square standard exists only on low-end bikes, mountain bike he disappeared from the mid of 90's and this is not without reason, that was not stroger ...

Bottom axle dimension in diameter, approximately 16.5mm on Bafang, against 24 or 30mm on the LIFT .

On the lift system we use a standard mounting ISIS developed by the Canadian brand Race Face and still use now on Race Face crank (models ATLAS, EVOLVE, RESPOND...).

The original aluminum crank arms are also not very strong and rigid relative to the model we use at LIFT-MTB.

Bafang use plastic gears, we use steel gears that's stronger.


For exemple on the bafang the controler is Inside the motor and you can replace it only withe the original part's from bafang, so for the lift-mtb it's easier to replace the controler for an another model with the same specs, Whether you are in France or at the other end of the world.


With the crank drive motor LIFT-MTB if you break a parts you can re move your bike quickly on the standard version so you can ride again and your bike is not immobilized.

bafang ground clearence
bafang ground clearence

-7- Performance and engine operation.
The Bafang is very well designed in that direction, we have many powers bench testing and in use for a system that approached most of this model.

The problem is that even the Bafang have a too long gear reduction, because it is devolped for use flat or small hill for the city bike.

But mountain biking is much more confronted with strong hill.


So we made the choice to have a system that a little shorter gear reduction for have a better ration torque / power consumption.

Finally, according to our test our LIFT-MTB system consumes just under a Bafang (comparison model BBS02 36v 500w).
(see our test Strava HERE for more infos ...)

Note that, unlike in Bafang system we can change the primary gear réduction to make the shorter or longer réduction, depending on what you need (couple or max speed) .

At the Bafang noise is very quiet, we will try to quantify the noise of the MTB-LIFT system which is slightly less silent but nothing insurmountable in view of all the other benefits of this system. (you can see Under more info about that) 

bafang review
bafang review

test bafang

-8-The price

LIFT-MTB we wanted to create an efficient system has a correct price, to make a popular, so we indicate a price for ready to ride systeme .

We use the Canadian brand RACE FACE for sprocket narrow wide type, good quality cranks, many pieces to the generous sizing or chosen not to have a break, and robust materials that usually certified by European standards and its quality control in a view to have intense MTB use.

We made in France a lot of part's like that's more expensive than china but the quality is really really better.

Of course use of such materials and quality of technical solution that is expensive, so we designed the system to be effective and reliable, but in a logic of fare content, we can maintain that price with higher quality content elements are Chinese models because we produce and sell directly, unlike Bafang who are selling distributor taking a margin, those same distributors also taking a margin ...

By removing the middle you have a higher quality for a price close.

If we add all the required options on the Bafang kit for this approach the level of the LIFT-MTB in terms of adaptability (but does not reach view that our system is patented): Set adapter plate itself, cable Optional battery often, often trigger option, possible reprogramming (available sometimes) etc ...

And that parallels all the problems of Bafang we know for Mountain bike use:

- Console expose which is expensive if it breaks (between 130 and 150 euro).
- Usually 2 speeds on the k7 locked.
- Pedal system reliability not necessarily optimal.
- Q factor not optimal.
- Ground clearance limit.
- Difficulty to disassemble quickly and move from a conventional configuration has electric or vice versa.
- complex instalation and reduced adaptability.

- plastic gears for bafang VS steel gears for lift-mtb


 In short, the difference in fare usually found to 200 euro between the two kit is not huge.
Especially if like us you break the Bafang one or two screens in the year and you twist a crank or an axis ...

bafang review


Video for explain the difference with motor hubs and BAFANG bbs.

Difference LIFT MTB made in France and fake china version.

Make the best quality is expensive - the speciality for most chinese companies is to do a product who looks like yours, but without the expensive product part which is making at the end, the quality and the performance.

This happens for all the industries like phone, shoes, clothes,high tech… so that always seem good because they add some nice carbon part's, or nice aluminium "bling bling" anodized part's, but that's not efficient and strong on the tracks !


So for these FAKE china version, the main problèm is always the gear ratio very bad for all case, because it's very expensive to miniaturize some part's like motor freewheel for have compact and efficient systeme, but you will discover the bad surprise after buying and test, because the vendor never speak about that...


So your crank will turn to fast for your leg 140rpm for exemple (for normaly 80/90rpm ), you will havn't good torque, that increase the consumption (so you must buy bigger and more expensive battery for do the same job)  and the risk of over heat and burn the motor and battery is higher...


Some China maker use very big sprocket like to 52 or 72t for avoid to much speed on the crank, but that increase the ground clearence and the weight, that's decrease the probleme of speed, consumption, torque and over head probleme but that don't solve these problèmes.


Other numberous point are adaptibility, and bad quality of each part's, you can see under some détails about that.


The best quality have a price, everything that shines is not a gold !


e-bike kit made in france

Fake or low-cost china version



-1-CRANK ARMS china fake or lowcost kit-

  • Poor lowcost aluminium quality, easy to bend.
  • 60 year old squared spline standard, now no appropriate with actual use of mountainbiking
  • without logo.
-2-CRANK AXLE china fake or lowcost kit-
  • Squar axle on the crank axle, poor steel quality.
  • Crank axle without heat threatment easy to bend.
-Only one axle size available :
  • Only very thin 15mm diamèter axle.




-Only one axle lenght available :
  •  compatible with only bsa 68/73mm bb


- Crank compatible with only one BB on market:

  • No axles size choice, only BSA 68/73 compatible.


- Low freewheel quality.

There is always someone to do cheaper  !
There is always someone to do cheaper !

Others BAD parts on fake / lowcost kit

- Main plate-

  • Low aluminium quality on plate with many flex,so they need 1 plate on each side, more heavy and longer to instal.
  • Only one outside version

- Gear ratio-

  • Not good ratio with 13t cogs and 48t to 53t to big sprocket, the crank will be rotate at to much speed for rider around 130/ 140 rpm, increase the consumption and not confortable for rider.
  • Very bad ground clearence with so big 48t or 53t sprocket, easy to touch and bend the sprocket.

- Others bad point on fake china motor:

  • Heavy steel classic (non narrow wide) sprocket.
  • Right tooth on inside gear realy Noisy.
  • IP0  non water proof système.
  • Bad anodized part's.
  • Poor steel bolts quality, rust quickly.
  • No heat theratment on cogs and axles.
  •  poor quality throttel non waterproof.
  • No screen version.
  • No P.A.S version.
  • No chain guide option.
  • Poor chaine quality on primary drive.
  • No waterproof connexions.
  • Non ignifuged bag for battery.
  • Low quality pulley without sealed bearing.
  • Use eavy steel low cost part's so eavy system.
  • Long instalation,you always must disasembly the Bottom Bracket.
  • Non water proof controler , outside mount look like very bad intergration.
  • No ergonomic switchable position throttel.
  • China low cost motor freewheel.
  • hard or no possibility to do chaine line ajustement, because that is sealed cartrige for Bottom bracket

Original true version LIFT-MTB

lift mtb
original LIFT MTB


-1-ARMS lift-mtb-

  • 6061 T6 strong Aluminium arms ISIS drive.
  • moderne ISIS drive spline, actually used by race facen fsa and many specialized brand on market.
  • laser logo.

-2-CRANK AXLE lift mtb-

  • Heat threated steel ISIS crank axle.


- Different axle sizes available :
  • 22/24mm sram
  • 24mm shimano
  • 28.99mm SRAM DUB
  • 30mm race face / rotor...
- Different lenght available :
  • 155mm for all classic bike XC to DH  bikes
  • 170mm fat bike version .
  • 190mm fat bike version.

- Crank compatible with all BB on market:

BSA 68 and 73 / BSA 83mm / BSA 100mm / BB92 / BB107 / BB 124 / PF30 / BB30 ...


-High quality freewheel

sebastien claquin EWS JR world champion
sebastien claquin EWS JR world champion

Others good part's on LIFT MTB kit.

- Main plate-

  • -7075 aircraft aluminium plate , full cnc machined.
  • Inside or outside version depending the frame.
  •  spécial main plate available, with +25mm longer for specific frame like to GIANT reign etc...

- Gear ratio-

  • Ideal ratio 8t x 38t, for around 100 rpm ideal speed crank.
  • Perfect ground clearence with 38t sprocket




- Other good point on LIFT MTB e-bike kit:

  •  Race face aluminium narrow wide type 30t or 32t sprocket, and aluminium 38t for primary drive
  • Helicoidal tooth super silente inside gear.
  • ip4 waterproof système.
  • 3M quality stickers with choice of x5 colors.
  • Hard black high quality anodized parts.
  •  10.9 class steel and A4 INOX bolt's.
  • Heat theratment on cogs and inside motor axle for have stronger part's.
  • Screen optin with all info available.
  • P.A.S version available, with easy and ergonomic  ajustement.
  • Chain guide onclued on inside version and available on under frame version.
  • High quality chaine on primary drive.
  • Waterproof connectic.
  • Ignifuged bag for battery.
  • High quality pulley with bearing.
  • Used very light aluminium part's so lighter system.
  • Fast instalation only 10minute to mount / remove.
  • Water proof controler integrated inside the motor.
  • Ergonomic switchable 2 position throttel thumb or index.
  • Made in germany high level motor freewheel.

bafang bbs
bafang bbs 01 bafang bbs 02 electric motor
bafang torque

Electric bicycle torque calculator

Max torque and max speed calculator
Many brand speak about the torque at rear wheel, so on the lift-mtb systeme you can change this ratio to have a better compromise
Attention :
That is a really technical infos, if you don't understand that, the original ratio will be good for you and for 95% of user.
LIFT MTB torque and speed calculator.xls
Feuille de calcul Microsoft Excel 21.4 KB

e-bike kit made in france