You have seen photos and the videos, you are probably convinced that the system is effective and fun for descent.

We have collected with the help of strava, many very instructives informations, so that you realize the big potential of the LIFT system.

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What is STRAVA ?


 Strava is a free application for smartphone, launched in 2009, this application used GPS data from your phone allows it to provide a lot of information on your output, the exact road or trail, average and max speed, distance traveled, D+ / D-  ...
The big advantage of Strava compared to other performance measurement systems, is that the rider can then upload their performance on trail and compare to that of others users, pro or amateurs ...

It is an ideal tool to help demonstrate the performances of our system for downhill and uphill ...

---1--- enduro MTB / dh test

The track

This is a regular training track, DH or Enduro stage type.

Difference in height of level is a 100 meters (D-), about two minutes time, no uphill part, small pedaling area (about 20 seconds about two minutes).
-The 1st part very slow and technique with very short pedaling parts.
-The 2nd part faster almost like DH tracks without pedaling parts.
Each run was made at 100% of rider capacity.

We expect

A total of 15 run for have an average:

• 5 run with the same bike with the LIFT system ,and using the engine during the run.
• 5 run with a classic enduro bike.
• 5 run with the same bike with LIFT system but without using the engine (géneraly we disconect the battery cable and don't used the engine for downhill)
We will keep the average with the 4 best run for each configuration.

Performances :

test ebike




1 / Average with LIFT  "using the motor" :
- Average speed: 22 km / h
- Max speed: 41.12 km / h
- Downhill time: 1 minute 47.3 sec
- Engine Usage time: 8 sec
- Gap seconde :  6 sec faster than classique bike.

2 / Average with MTB classic without LIFT:
- Average speed: 20.85 km / h
- Max speed: 39.96 km / h
- Downhill time: 1 minute 57 sec
- Gap seconde : -6 sec slowly than classic bike

3 / Average with LIFT without using motor:
- Average speed: 20.35 km / h
- Max speed: 42.34 km / h
- Downhill time: 1 minute 56 sec

- Gap sec : only 2.45 sec slowly than classic bike



- The verdict of the stopwatch confirms the good sensations on the bike for the LIFT system.
- Very close times between the classic mountain bike and mountain bike with system LIFT (only 2.45 sec).
- The best time (-6 sec) using the LIFT systèm, with only a very small pedaling area on track.

performance ebike

You can see on the whatt meter screen the engine operating time during our testing above.
(you can read only 8 seconds for one run on the digital display !!!! )

power ebike

---2--- Climb test 

To test the LIFT system and give an idea of ​​real climb performances, we choose a section used by many rider .

The Col du Perier in the var South of France (category 2), is a good test with 2500 records attempt by strava users.

On the top of ranking, many pro road rider, that's idéal to compare...

We expect:


-A first run,  with high-tech carbon road bike, without the LIFT system of course, it's perfect to have a rider performance index. 

- A second run with a full suspension enduro bike, 15,5kg, 160mm travel, with slick tyres, but equip with the LIFT system.

It is not ideal bike but it was very informative anyway to do this test ...


On the top of ranking :

 - 1st Thomas vaubourzeix (biography here), 15minute 48 seconds44th on the  overall road pro rider world ranking in 2014, he lives behind the Col.

- 2nd Laurens Ten Dam (biography here) in 15 minutes 57 seconds , Dutch professional road racer since 2002,  9th at the "Tour de France" 2014, 8th to the "califorrnie tower" usa 2014.

- The slowest riders are in 1 hours...
You can see Under the strava infos.

test strava ebike


1 / with basic road bike:
Time: 29 minutes 58 seconds
Average speed: 14.1 km / h
Max speed: 28.1 km / h
Strava Ranking: 1042 th on 1181 classified

2 / with enduro bike and LIFT system :
Time: 11 minutes 42 seconds
Average speed: 36.2 km / h
Max speed: 48.2km / h
Strava ranking: 1st on 1181 classified

3 /  pro road results :
Time: 15 minutes 48 seconds
Average speed: 26.8 km / h
Max speed: 33.6km / h



- Improvements in the time of about 19 minutes on the same road.
- 4 minutes ahead than the best road professionals with enduro bike.
- We increased performances by x3 with the LIFT system.

test strava for electric bike
real strava performance ebike
lift mtb strava test
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---3 --- Test output type MTB / All Mountain:

The course :

Finally a small "all mountain" loop 4.1 km, elevation D+ 128 meters, that's mixes of trail:  rolling part, climb and descents, a classic mountain bike loop that Mr. everyone does ....

We perform the same output with and without the LIFT system.

Important: we use the system with a good mix of performance / consumption.
(one could more use the engine to go faster with more consumption ,  or save more to make more Kilometers)

strava bike

We expect :

- 1 / One loop with a classic enduro bike.
- 2 / One loop with the same bike and LIFT system.

Our performances:

1 / Without Mtb classic LIFT:

- Total time: 22 minutes 44 seconds
- Average speed: 11.4 km / h
- Max speed: 37.8 km / h
- Engine operating time: 0 minutes 0 seconds
- Amps in battery consumption: xxxxx
- Km estimated remaining battery: xxxxx


2 / buckle system with LIFT:

- Total time: 13 minutes 14 seconds
- Average speed: 18.8 km / h
- Max speed: 37.8 km / h
- Engine operating time: 6 minutes 54 seconds (13 minutes 50% of the running time) - ampere battery consumption: 1038 amps / hour


- Estimated mileage battery (battery for 10 amperes):
about 43km at the same pace (almost twice as fast).
about 86 km if you ride as same rythm than classic cycling , but forcing half.

Conclusions :

- speed almost doubled (with a reasonable consumption)

- only 1/10 th of capacitée battery used (with the speed almost doubled)

- Estimate of the autonomy of 40 to 90 km according to the rhythm or about 2 h 30 min to 5 hours.

- If you generaly ride 40km trips, with the lift system, forcing the same way, you will make 80km, or 40km two times faster ...

fast ebike test
speed bike strava
strava ebike lift
bafang strava

Below the watt meter data: consomation in amper hour (1.083 a/h), and time engine use (6min, 54sec).

whattmeter strava
real torque ebike


-To Be sure to the times announced by strava, we systematically doubled the times with a conventional bicycle counter indicating for
total time, distance, max speed, average speed etc ...

Although we have not a précision to 1/100 second, but that enough for a informative comparison...
- Note: the electric bikes times are not publish on strava, for not to distort the rankings.

--- 4 --- type test race.

During the first and second round of the french MTB enduro cup , 2015 season, the organizers had included an electric challenge.
The Electric competitor were out of the overall classification, it was interesting to compare the times of VAE drivers compared to the world's best ...

Blausac for the race:
If electric bicycle is included in the rankings (see below), there would have 4 electric mountain bike in the first 20 place overall (out of about 350 participants, including about 20 électrice bikes) for round 1  blausasc.

In blue the best time electric bikes, the best classic green mountain bike time.

Rated scratch the victory in the special 3 by an electric ATV before Nicolas Vouilloz among other ten times world champion mountain bike ...

for racing Millau:
On a technique that does not favor tracing the VAE (as very few pedaling), Nicolas vouilloz ten times world champion mountain bike and winner of the first round of Blausasc classic bike, had decide to drive in electric bike this time !

he would finish 3 in the scratch with a common classification and winner of the first special scratch.
In blue the best time electric bikes, the best classic green mountain bike time.
On the accumulation of time there is a special 4 very small gap, which confirms the validity of our test strava (despite limited power and more weight bikes.)
Imagine if the électric compétitors ride with limited edition bike has power 250w weighing 21-24 kilos, we let you imagine the result with a LIFT system or one team enduro bike has about 15 or 16kg for power 450w ...

For official race results round 1 ----click here  ----
For official race results round 2  ---- click here ----

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